Testo I Thought Id Write To Juliet – Elvis Costello

Album: Unknown Testo della canzone I Thought Id Write To Juliet di Elvis Costello I thought I’d write to Juliet, for she would understand And when someone is already dead they can no longer let you down Instead I find myself talking to you, as my oldest friend Tell me how I can advise someone, that I don’t… Leggi »

Testo Talk To Me – Bee Gees

Album: Miscellaneous Testo della canzone Talk To Me dei Bee Gees Come into my parlour Sit around and talk to me Just settle back , relax ,have a cup of tea Loosen your tie , take off your shoes Go on and get rid of those worryin’ blues And just talk ,talk to me Come into my parlour… Leggi »

Testo Game Show Host – Elvis Costello

Album: Planet Of The Stereos Testo della canzone Game Show Host di Elvis Costello Sometimes when we were together I felt kind of complicated Almost like an entertainer Sometimes I felt obligated I thought maybe you should know That I am not a game show host I am not some Talk show guy With sharpened wit and talk… Leggi »

Testo Im So Lonesome I Could Cry – Elvis Presley

Album: Unknown Testo della canzone Im So Lonesome I Could Cry di Elvis Presley Hear that lonesome winter bird He sounds too blue to fly The midnight train is whining low I’m so lonesome I could cry Did you ever see a robin weep When leaves began to die That means he’s lost the will to live I’m… Leggi »

Testo 13 Steps Lead Down – Elvis Costello

Album: Brutal Youth Testo della canzone 13 Steps Lead Down di Elvis Costello When nobody knows she puts on secret clothes And lies in the meadow with her hands tied behind her back I won’t refuse if you know how to use it Just stop playing that ugly drug music Chorus: 13 steps lead down (x2) There’s commoners… Leggi »

Testo King Of Thieves – Elvis Costello

Album: Punch The Clock Testo della canzone King Of Thieves di Elvis Costello I had forgotten all about ‘The Case Of The Three Pins’ THEY SAID I MUST BE CRACKED Until the brown paper parcel landed on my welcome mat Even the pretty secretaries who wouldn’t even Let me HANG MY HAT All recognise my handwriting And return… Leggi »

Testo Superman – Barbra Streisand

Album: Streisand Superman Testo della canzone Superman di Barbra Streisand Baby i can fly like a bird When you touch me with your eyes Flying through the sky I’ve never felt the same But i am not a bird And i am not a plane I’m superman When you love me it’s easy I can do most anything… Leggi »

Testo Tokyo Nights – BEE GEES

Album: Unknown Testo della canzone Tokyo Nights dei BEE GEES VERSE 1: You’re crossing the water for eastern delights, ‘cause now that you’re gone I feel like a stranger in New York tonight. And the rhythm was new to me, Tokyo nights well she came in the night, and she came in the night. And the vision was… Leggi »

Testo Still – Elvis Costello

Album: Unknown Testo della canzone Still di Elvis Costello These few lines I’ll devote To a marvellous girl covered up with my coat Pull it up to your chin I’ll hold you until the day will begin Still Lying in the shadows this new flame will cast Upon everything we carry from the past You were made of… Leggi »

Testo The Main Event (ballad) – Barbra Streisand

Album: Miscellaneous Testo della canzone The Main Event (ballad) di Barbra Streisand Extra! extra! I’m in love I gotta thank my luck stars above Hurry, hurry don’t be late I can’t wait I gotta celebrate It’s a fact We got a first rate act It’s evident when we make love The main event You’re my every thought Baby… Leggi »