Testo dangeriously in love – Beyonce Knowles

Di | 20 agosto 2012

Album: dangeriously in love
Testo della canzone dangeriously in love di Beyonce Knowles
(verse 1)
baby i love u, u are my life
my happiest moments were incomplete if u weren’t by my side,
baby i’m so proud, proud to be your gurl,
u make the confussion go all away from this cold and mixxed world


i am in love with u, u set me free,
i can’t do this thing, called life without u here with,
cause i’m dangeriously in love with u, i’ll never leave,
just keep lovin me, the way i love u lovin me

i know it ain easy, easy lovin me,
bnad i aprietian the love a dedication from u to me
later on in my destony, i see myself havin your child
i see myself being your wife, an i see my whole future in your eyes,
thought of all my love for u sometimes makes me wanna cry
i realize all my blessings i’m so greatful to have u by my side

cause i am in love,
i can’t do this thing called life without you
just keep lovin me

everytime i see your face my heart smile,
everytime it feels so good it hurts so bad,
created in this world to love, to hold,to feel,to breath, to live u
dangeriously in love
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