Testo Save Me, Save Me – Bee Gees

Album: Miscellaneous Testo della canzone Save Me, Save Me dei Bee Gees I can’t stand the mornin’ light Now you’re gone , there ain’t no one to make it right the way you do Ev’ry day I fall more in love with you Knowing that you let this heart of mine be captured at the start And I… Leggi »

Testo Watch Your Step – Elvis Costello

Album: Trust Testo della canzone Watch Your Step di Elvis Costello Don’t say a word Don’t say anything Don’t say a word I’m not even listening I read in the paper about their escape They’re just two bit of kids from a bunch of sour grapes You better watch your step Watch who’s knocking on your front door… Leggi »

Testo Love Me Tonight – Elvis Presley

Album: unknow Testo della canzone Love Me Tonight di Elvis Presley May this tenderness cling When the fire of Spring Is a memory May you still be my own When a hundred years have flown But if it can’t be Give this moment to me While our dream is bright Put your sweet arms around me And love… Leggi »

Testo Love Light – Barbra Streisand

Album: Till I Loved You Testo della canzone Love Light di Barbra Streisand B. Bacharach, C. Bayer Sager Love Light Shine on me Make it last this time Cause I think I might find out That there’s no rehearsal And, I don’t want to miss one bit If this is it Here’s my prayer We can make it… Leggi »

Testo It Wont Be Long – Elvis Presley

Album: Unknown Testo della canzone It Wont Be Long di Elvis Presley Elvis Presley – It Won’t Be Long The shooting stars are coming out of your eyes They point the way, the way to paradise I got a funny feeling, I can’t be wrong It won’t be long until the sparks will fly It won’t be long… Leggi »

Testo On My Own – Barbra Streisand

Album: Miscellaneous Testo della canzone On My Own di Barbra Streisand on my own On my own Pretending he’s beside me All alone I walk with him till morning Without him I feel his arms around me And when i loose my way I close my eyes and he has found me In the rain The pavement shines… Leggi »

Testo Make Believe – Barbra Streisand

Album: Third Album Testo della canzone Make Believe di Barbra Streisand We could make believe i love you Only make believe that you love me Others find peace of mind in pretending Couldn’t you? couldn’t i? couldn’t we? Make believe our lips are blending In a phantom kiss, or two, or three Might as well make believe i… Leggi »

Testo One Big Union For Two – Barbra Streisand

Album: Pins And Needles Testo della canzone One Big Union For Two di Barbra Streisand He: I’ve decided the only way i can woo Is to take a hint from the affl and the cio She: Now you’re talking, perhaps i might listen to you I don’t say that i’ll yes, But don’t say i’ll say no He:… Leggi »