Testo The Imploding Voice – The Smashing Pumpkins

Testo della canzone The Imploding Voice di The Smashing Pumpkins Album: Machinathe Machines Of God Everywhere you are Is everywhere you’ve been Just lost to the beat Punching through your skin You don’t know what to do But still you want to crawl All through the broken glass That’s everywhere you are Your love must always be true… Leggi »

Testo Guess Ill Hang My Tears Out To Dry – Frank Sinatra

Testo della canzone Guess Ill Hang My Tears Out To Dry di Frank Sinatra Album: INTRO: The torch I carry is handsome It’s worth its heartache in ransom And when the twilight steals I know how the lady in the harbor feels When I want rain, I get sunny weather I’m just as blue as the sky Since… Leggi »

Testo Stormys – Santana

Testo della canzone Stormys di Santana Album: Miscellaneous You are the sunshine, baby Whenever you smile But I call you stormy today All of a sudden that ole rain’s fallin’ down And my world is cloudy and gray You’ve gone away Oh stormy (stormy), oh stormy (stormy) Oh stormy (stormy), oh stormy (stormy) Yesterday’s love was like a… Leggi »

Testo Hai Delle Isole Negli Occhi – Tiziano Ferro

Album: L’Amore E’ Una Cosa Semplice (2011) Testo della canzone Hai Delle Isole Negli Occhi di Tiziano Ferro Odio tante cose da quando ti conosco e non ne conosco neanche il perchè ma lo intuisco odio… il mio nome solo senza il tuo ogni fottuto addio io odio quando ti odi e mi allontani perchè hai delle isole… Leggi »

Testo Even The Score – AMERICA

Testo della canzone Even The Score di AMERICA Album: Unknown I stayed up all night long Drinkin’ and thinkin’ ‘bout you Is there anything left at all Is there anything that I can do ‘Cause I don’t know what to say anymore I don’t know how to even the score with you, with you Starin’ hard at that… Leggi »

Testo Clenched Fist – Sepultura

Testo della canzone Clenched Fist dei Sepultura Album: Chaos A D Pain makes me stronger Everyday Life in chaos You gotta deal with it Expressing my aggressions Through confusion Face reality Nothing is like it used to be Don’t tell me I don’t know You don’t live in my war Revolt and anger I won’t take it anymore… Leggi »

Testo Send For The Doctor – Dr. Feelgood

Testo della canzone Send For The Doctor dei Dr. Feelgood Album: Chess Masters (doc pomus) They call me doc, i can make you feel so good Well, they call me doc, i can make you feel so good I can do more for you than any man in this neighbourhood If you ever feel stiff around your back… Leggi »

Testo Trash – Lucio Dalla

Album: Ciao (1999) Testo della canzone Trash di Lucio Dalla Sono un disgraziato una merda sopra un prato, che cosa c’è che cos’è che mi ha deluso che mi ha come dimezzato, dimmi cos’è prima assai considerato ma poi subito scartato, soprattutto da me all’inizio era la noia poi è scoppiata la caldaia, hai capito perché è che… Leggi »

Testo Too Late Marlene – Duran Duran

Testo della canzone Too Late Marlene dei Duran Duran Album: Big Thing Waking out of nowhere And I let you in Til my imagination went for a spin I seen you every night Been making out since then And still I wonder why everybody’s saying That ice is thin. And I think I know you Just a little… Leggi »

Testo Going Nowhere – Moody Blues

Testo della canzone Going Nowhere dei Moody Blues Album: The Present (Graeme Edge) Once more I’ve loved I’ve laughed and I’ve lost Now I’m alone left counting the cost Once more sweet child of middling years Basted again in bitter-sweet tears I will survive solitude But come alive I’ll love anew (Note that the CD booklet gives this… Leggi »