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Testo della canzone DONT GET IT TWISTED di 2PAC Album: [Mopreme] Just ‘cause a nigga come in he got style Don’t think I won’t flip it Don’t pull your file But I got enough bullshit to deal with I’m rollin’ with the thugs so You must be on drugs to the head Get your ass break down Broken… Leggi »

Testo Thugz Mansion (Nas Acoustic) – 2Pac

Testo della canzone Thugz Mansion (Nas Acoustic) di 2Pac Album: Miscellaneous Shit, tired of gettin shot at Tired of gettin chased by the police and arrested Niggaz need a spot where WE can kick it A spot where WE belong, that’s just for us Niggaz ain’t gotta get all dressed up and be Hollywood Y’knahmean? Where do niggaz… Leggi »

Testo Thug N U Thug N Me. Ft Kci & JoJo – 2Pac

Testo della canzone Thug N U Thug N Me. Ft Kci & JoJo di 2Pac Album: Miscellaneous feat. K-Ci & JoJo [2Pac] Put me in that; ay come on JoJo (‘Pac.. hahaha) Yeah that type of shit (maybe it’s the thug in me) You know what time it is (maybe it’s the thug in me) [2Pac] By age… Leggi »

Testo MY BURNIN HEART – 2pac

Testo della canzone MY BURNIN HEART di 2pac Album: Tupac: I lay awake tonite Because I wanna be with u If u were beside me I`d playfully kiss u Each time I see u the feeling gets stronger U sit with me closer we stare a lot longer Reach for my drink and for a second we touch… Leggi »

Testo 4 Tha Hustlas – 2Pac

Testo della canzone 4 Tha Hustlas di 2Pac Album: Too $hort: If your a real hustler your sure to get rich. Chorus: This is for the hustlaaaas, come on This is for the hustlaaaas, ohh This is for the hustlaaaas, come on This is for the hustlaaaas, ohh Ohh, come on, come on Too $hort: I make money… Leggi »

Testo Violent – 2Pac

Testo della canzone Violent di 2Pac Album: 2PACALYPSE NOW They claim that I’m violent Just ’cause I refuse to be silent These hypocrites are havin’ fits Cuz I’m not buying it defying it Envious because I will rebel against Any oppressor and this is known as self defense I show no mercy they claim that I’m the Lunatic… Leggi »

Testo UNTIL THE END OF TIME *2 – 2pac

Testo della canzone UNTIL THE END OF TIME *2 di 2pac Album: feat. RL (Next) *1 – Expected album release date March 27th, 2001 *2 – The first single and only lyric posted before 32701 [2Pac] Perhaps I was addicted to tha dark side Some where inside my childhood witnessed my heart die And even though we both… Leggi »

Testo Good Life(feat. Big Syke, E.D.I. – 2PAC

Testo della canzone Good Life(feat. Big Syke, E.D.I. di 2PAC Album: Miscellaneous [2Pac] I was so money orientated, initiated as a thug Fiendin for wicked adventures, ambitious as I was Picture a nigga on the verge of livin insane I sold my soul for a chance to kick it and bang Now tell if I’m wrong but sayin… Leggi »

Testo Let Them Thangs Go – 2Pac

Testo della canzone Let Them Thangs Go di 2Pac Album: R U Still Down (Remember Me Throw them thangs X3 The quicker the nigga can go on The faster the nigga can get his dough on Then I can hit my flow and get my ho on Them niggas don’t know what goes on They trying to fuck… Leggi »

Testo I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto – 2Pac

Testo della canzone I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto di 2Pac Album: Miscellaneous Chorus: I wonder if heaven got a ghetto (4X) I was raised, the little young nigga doin bad shit Talk much shit cause I never had shit I could remember being whupped in class And if I didn’t pass mama whupped my ass Was… Leggi »