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Testo Bring It On – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Bring It On di 38 Special Album: I been betrayed, cause I been away. Why can’t you ever see it my way? C’mon baby, you know what I mean. I been eleven years doin’ long hard work, We’re finally getting’ what we deserve. I said, C’mon baby, I’m not to blame. I said a one… Leggi »

Testo That Old Rockin Chair – 38 Special

Testo della canzone That Old Rockin Chair di 38 Special Album: Mama, words can’t express How I feel about you Especially at this Christmastime You went out of your way, Thoughtful gifts that you gave A love of giving, you passed on to us Christmastime, Lord I love you Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair Christmastime, oh I… Leggi »

Testo Money Honey – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Money Honey di 38 Special Album: Well the landlord rang my front door bell He let it ring for a long, long spell Went to the window, peeked through the blind Asked him to tell me what was on his mind An’ he said: Money honey Money honey Money honey If you want to stay… Leggi »

Testo Last Time – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Last Time di 38 Special Album: I’ve been waitin’ for you all night. I got somethin’ to say so listen good. Even fools can see the light. You should have known I would. ‘Cause I, I’ve been a desperate man. Wonder why, I just don’t understand, All the pain, that I feel, With every piece… Leggi »

Testo Rough-Housin – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Rough-Housin di 38 Special Album: Gettin’ loose at the corner joint That’s all we had to do I said baby, when you cross that floor I sense trouble in the room And we were rough housin’ Seemed the thing to do We were rough housin’ Different points of view Fancy free, lookin’ hot and lean… Leggi »

Testo Hot Lanta – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Hot Lanta di 38 Special Album: I been desert hot down in Phoenix I been smoggy hot out in L.A. I been high n dry hot in Colorado I been charred out on the Midwest Plains I been madhatter flattened by the heat in Manhattan I been muggy on the Mighty Miss I been burned… Leggi »

Testo Trooper With An Attitude – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Trooper With An Attitude di 38 Special Album: In the flashin blue lights Now he’s readin your rights He’s a mean dog barkin in the dust and the dark in the middle of the night Ain’t no beggin you can do You got trouble times two A Trooper with an Attitude (yeah) A Trooper with… Leggi »

Testo Travelin Man – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Travelin Man di 38 Special Album: A-don’t you know that I’m leaving I gotta catch the next train out. I can’t believe it. Cause I’m a-already on my own. A-Memphis town is the place I’m found. There ain’t no use in a-sticking around. I got my pack on my back my friends, And I’m heading… Leggi »

Testo I Outta Let You Go – 38 Special

Testo della canzone I Outta Let You Go di 38 Special Album: Chorus: I oughta be shot For thinkin’ that you could love me I oughta be hung For keepin’ up my hopes I got to be crazy For thinkin’ that it could work out I oughta know better I oughta let go It’s only Monday, and my… Leggi »

Testo Its Christmas and I Miss You – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Its Christmas and I Miss You di 38 Special Album: It’s Christmas and I miss you Your memory Still lingers on You’re not really gone And this message Will find you Through space and time This love lives on Here and beyond And I will hear you When Christmas bells are ringing I will touch… Leggi »