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Testo She Loves to Talk – 38 Special

Testo della canzone She Loves to Talk di 38 Special Album: She wakes up in the mornin’, puts her face on grabs a cup o’ coffee then she’s on that phone.. (Chorus) That woman loves to Talk (…she loves to talk…talk) Yeah, she’s what I want (she’s what I want) I don’t mean to sound complainin’ she’s my… Leggi »

Testo Wild Eyed Southern Boys – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Wild Eyed Southern Boys di 38 Special Album: Wild Eyed Southern Boys Its a hot night at the juke joint And the bands pumpin rhythm and blues Gonna spill a little rock and roll blood tonight Gonna make some front page news And the ladies hate the violence Still they never seem to look away… Leggi »

Testo I Been a Mover – 38 Special

Testo della canzone I Been a Mover di 38 Special Album: Can’t you find the next plane down here I’ll see you in the afternoon Well, everybody’s got the right to live But I feel like I’ve been a fool Come on, steal away I feel like it’s time to say No more giv’n’ my life’s worth livin’… Leggi »

Testo Jingle Bell Rock – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Jingle Bell Rock di 38 Special Album: Jingle bell, jingle bell Jingle bell rock Jingle bell swing And jingle bells ring Snowin’ and blowin’ Up bushels of fun Now the jingle hop has begun Jingle bell, jingle bell Jingle bell rock Jingle bells chime in Jingle bell time Dancin’ and prancin’ In jingle bell square… Leggi »

Testo Treasure – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Treasure di 38 Special Album: Bone Against Steel As children we’re drawn to gold And wonders of stories told How riches are earned Lessons are learned And all ends well And life is that simple game When loves finally comes our way And if we’re naive We can’t help believe We’ll conquer it all We’ve… Leggi »

Testo What Can I Do – 38 Special

Testo della canzone What Can I Do di 38 Special Album: Well I don’t know why I feel the way that I do through all these years, but I still think of you You’re in my dreams, I have seen the life we should have had But I’m so glad that the truth is out at last What… Leggi »

Testo Rockin Into The Night – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Rockin Into The Night di 38 Special Album: Cruisin down the motorway Got my girl by my side We’re both a little anxious Ooo, we got love on our mind Waitin, anticipatin For the fireworks in the night Well I swear we were doin eighty When we saw those motel lights (CHORUS) And we were… Leggi »

Testo Take Em Out – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Take Em Out di 38 Special Album: Wake up with a call, throw my luggage in the hall Go down to the desk, pay for alcohol Jump into a car, hope we make the plane in time Smile for all the ladies as we’re passin’ through the line I’ll be down in the back, where… Leggi »

Testo Same Old Feeling – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Same Old Feeling di 38 Special Album: Just one kiss we both remember How that first love made our hearts So crazy when… All those summer nights together… When every touch between us brought a lightning flash in the dark. Baby won’t you wait, just a minute now, Before you go, turning away Don’t you… Leggi »

Testo Honky Tonk Dancer – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Honky Tonk Dancer di 38 Special Album: Lady in red what’cha doin’? Who the hell do you think you’re foolin’? Why you actin’ so cold? You’re the angel of town you keep sayin’, Got to work no time for playin’ . But what the others don’t know. When the clock strikes five you really come… Leggi »