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Testo Comin Down Tonight – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Comin Down Tonight di 38 Special Album: Girl don’t you run and hide It’s not me you’re runnin’ from You’ve built your walls so high Can’t see which side you’re on Just give your heart some rope Let love take over, let me show ya We’re gettin’ nowhere baby It’s time to just let go… Leggi »

Testo Trouble – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Trouble di 38 Special Album: I only know you by reputation It’s time I found out face to face ‘cause if your sugar, I’ll fight temptation But if you’re poison, I need a taste (1st Chorus) Girl, I heard you’re Trouble with a capital T One look in your eye spells trouble to me We’re… Leggi »

Testo After the Fire Is Gone – 38 Special

Testo della canzone After the Fire Is Gone di 38 Special Album: You never know what the moment means till it’s finally gone You burned so fast, you put out the flame, tell me, what went wrong? How do you get back to the heat of yesterday? How do you live feelin’ like you’re dying more each day?… Leggi »

Testo Never Give an Inch – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Never Give an Inch di 38 Special Album: In extreme town, it can break down Anyone who gives it half a chance. It’s a no man’s land. Where the heart beats, Cold as concrete. Come to sell their souls Anyway they can. Try to understand. For everyone who makes it, There’s a million Who get… Leggi »

Testo Signs Of Love – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Signs Of Love di 38 Special Album: Bone Against Steel You walked into the room last night Like a song on the wind And I sensed a new beginning The way the light had caught your hair I couldn’t help but stare And I could tell what you were thinking Maybe I’m high but I… Leggi »

Testo Tear It Up – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Tear It Up di 38 Special Album: Bone Against Steel I got a black top road out in front of me And I might just tear it up I gotta rock’n’roll jones pumpin’ in deep Just might tear it up Gimme a bar room floor a back beat band Play the kinda music I can… Leggi »

Testo Saving Grace – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Saving Grace di 38 Special Album: Resolution Without direction I walk the night I was alone in a single beam of light One glance and you changed my blues To a prism of light A thousand hues Now I must climb to the rainbows arc Who knows I might find a halo for your heart… Leggi »

Testo Fly Away – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Fly Away di 38 Special Album: a’ When I wake up in the mornin’ I look at the sky up ahead, and I wonder what it’d be like, To be there, yes to be there. Now I can tell you lots o’ stories. I can tell you how it should be. But if you wanna… Leggi »

Testo Teacher, Teacher – 38 Special

Testo della canzone Teacher, Teacher di 38 Special Album: Miscellaneous ============================= 38 Special – Teacher, Teacher ============================= (all copyrights registered) Just when I thought I finally learned my lesson well, There was more to this than meets the eye. And for all the things you taught me, only time will tell, If I’ll be able to survive. Oh… Leggi »