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Testo Feel The Love – 5ive

Testo della canzone Feel The Love di 5ive Album: Kingsize Sometimes I get to thinking And I can’t control Thoughts on my mind They’re playing on my soul When I know what I’m believing And it keeps me strong People of the world We’ve got it going on [BRIDGE] And I said hey, what are you thinking And… Leggi »

Testo The Heat – 5ive

Testo della canzone The Heat di 5ive Album: Kingsize You freak rhyming check the way I’m getting on the ground. Make you shake that front and wiggle your behind. Like whoop, tell her where it’s at one, two microphone. Secret agent the double O who? A to the B the S, I rock a microphone in my jeans… Leggi »

Testo Stop Pushing Me – 5ive

Testo della canzone Stop Pushing Me di 5ive Album: Miscellaneous Stop pushing me I never felt like this before It’s just something in me I need to close another door Live my life to suit me I just can’t hide the confusion That burns in my mind, oh no Sometimes the pressure gets so high Excuses come so… Leggi »

Testo Partyline 555 On-Line – 5ive

Testo della canzone Partyline 555 On-Line di 5ive Album: Five You can call me anytime baby Pick up the phone dial 555 On line [Chorus:] Let’s have a party connect me to somebody Let’s have a party connect me to somebody 555 On line Being the man that I am and the click that I got I wish… Leggi »


Testo della canzone DONT YOU WANT IT di 5IVE Album: Unknown Don’t you want it can’t you feel it there’s something in the air tonight 10,9,8,7,6,5 Don’t you want it Now hitting on the dancefloor what’s it all about Girl I give it all make me feel high 10,9,8,7,6, Five time to turn it up cos you’re getting… Leggi »

Testo Invincible – 5ive

Testo della canzone Invincible di 5ive Album: Invincible I gotta find a way, to find a better day without you And thoughts are hard to say, I miss you everyday Now you’re not here with me I never thought that you would leave me Ooh, I know the time will make it easy baby And you’ll never know… Leggi »

Testo Were Going All Night (You Make Me High) – 5IVE

Testo della canzone Were Going All Night (You Make Me High) di 5IVE Album: Unknown Bring that break funk ‘cause I’m here giving what you want like spread got time to stop got time to peel back the roof on my new drop top. The day looking good to me, got girls wanna know cause I freak like… Leggi »

Testo Slam Dunk Da Funk – 5ive

Testo della canzone Slam Dunk Da Funk di 5ive Album: Five Five bad boys with the power to rock you Blowing your mind so you gotta get into Five, whatcha waiting four if you wanna Three (three) Two (two) One let’s do it Do you wanna get freaky when the five of us make one You gotta push… Leggi »

Testo Coming Back For More – 5ive

Testo della canzone Coming Back For More di 5ive Album: Miscellaneous Chorus] If you’re coming back for more, Then get ready, Get ready, Cos everthing I’ve got is yours, So get ready, Get ready! No, You never had it so good baby, So you’re coming back for more, I can always drive your body crazy, Cos its you… Leggi »