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Testo Came To Give Love – Aaliyah

Testo della canzone Came To Give Love di Aaliyah Album: One In A Millon [tann]: Baby girl you got the whole world screaming Giving it up for you You got the party people fiending Bump it to the roof From the left side to the right side And straight to the back Ain’t nothing going on here but… Leggi »

Testo Miss You (Remix Ft. Jay-Z) – Aaliyah

Testo della canzone Miss You (Remix Ft. Jay-Z) di Aaliyah Album: What’s up baby girl! (Ho!) Thought I had to talk to you again, missing you (Hey, ey, ey, ey) Tim is missing you Missy’s missing you Rashad is missing you your mom is missing you (N-n-n-n-no no no) Your pop is missing you Dame is missing you… Leggi »

Testo No Days Go By – Aaliyah

Testo della canzone No Days Go By di Aaliyah Album: Miscellaneous It’s all because of you I’m feeling sad and blue You went away and now my life is filled with rainy days No days go by I’m thinking of you And no way can I forget the things you do [repeat] You’re on my mind all day… Leggi »

Testo I Am Music – Aaliyah

Testo della canzone I Am Music di Aaliyah Album: Miscellaneous intro(timbaland): Music-is what i live for Music-is what i’m here for Music-is what i live for Music-is what i’m here for Verse 1(timbaland): I’ll be with you on your way to work When your car turns on you’ll probably hear me You cant run youll come without me… Leggi »

Testo The One I Gave My Heart To – Aaliyah

Testo della canzone The One I Gave My Heart To di Aaliyah Album: How could the one I gave my heart to break my heart so bad How could the one who made me happy make me feel so sad Won’t somebody tell me so I can understand If you love me how could you hurt me like… Leggi »

Testo Got to give it up(new remix) – Aaliyah

Testo della canzone Got to give it up(new remix) di Aaliyah Album: Come on! I Used To Go Out To Parties, And Stand Around. Cause I Was Too Nervous, (oh uh) To Really Get Down. (Cmon) But My Body Yearned To Be Free. I Went Off On The Floor, So Somebody Would Choose Me. (heyy) No More Standing,… Leggi »

Testo U Got Nerve – Aaliyah

Testo della canzone U Got Nerve di Aaliyah Album: Aaliyah Gave you chances On top of chances Opportunities taken for granted My reality is all your exshalities ‘Cause insanity Why you askin me? Took my kindness For a sign of weakness My own blindness ‘Cause my sadness No longer am a slave Over your madness I am glad… Leggi »

Testo What If – Aaliyah

Testo della canzone What If di Aaliyah Album: Aaliyah Chorus What if…every guy I saw What if…sittin’ down at the bar What if…I told him to give me a call What if, what if, what if, what if What if…every guy if every guy in the place What if was all up in my face What if… what… Leggi »

Testo A Girl Like You – Aaliyah

Testo della canzone A Girl Like You di Aaliyah Album: One In A Million Intro: (Aaliyah) and [Treach] I’m looking for a girl like you (Well here I go) Verse 1: Now, now, now, who’s the baby bomb It dip and dodging, cryin’, sobbin’ Looking to be mobbin’ cuz it’s just clockin’ and robbin’ Oh hi now, welcome… Leggi »