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Testo I Am Music – Aaliyah

Testo della canzone I Am Music di Aaliyah Album: Miscellaneous intro(timbaland): Music-is what i live for Music-is what i’m here for Music-is what i live for Music-is what i’m here for Verse 1(timbaland): I’ll be with you on your way to work When your car turns on you’ll probably hear me You cant run youll come without me… Leggi »

Testo U Got Nerve – Aaliyah

Testo della canzone U Got Nerve di Aaliyah Album: Aaliyah Gave you chances On top of chances Opportunities taken for granted My reality is all your exshalities ‘Cause insanity Why you askin me? Took my kindness For a sign of weakness My own blindness ‘Cause my sadness No longer am a slave Over your madness I am glad… Leggi »

Testo What If – Aaliyah

Testo della canzone What If di Aaliyah Album: Aaliyah Chorus What if…every guy I saw What if…sittin’ down at the bar What if…I told him to give me a call What if, what if, what if, what if What if…every guy if every guy in the place What if was all up in my face What if… what… Leggi »

Testo A Girl Like You – Aaliyah

Testo della canzone A Girl Like You di Aaliyah Album: One In A Million Intro: (Aaliyah) and [Treach] I’m looking for a girl like you (Well here I go) Verse 1: Now, now, now, who’s the baby bomb It dip and dodging, cryin’, sobbin’ Looking to be mobbin’ cuz it’s just clockin’ and robbin’ Oh hi now, welcome… Leggi »