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Testo Honey, Honey (Swedish Version) – ABBA

Testo della canzone Honey, Honey (Swedish Version) di ABBA Album: Unknown Honey honey, underbara, ah-ha, honey honey honey honey, sta rara, ah-ha, honey honey dom viskar s sta ord du r deras allt p jord det dr ska du inte tro bara ta’t med ro snt r bara smicker Honey honey, inte illa, ah-ha, honey honey honey honey,… Leggi »

Testo Santa Rosa – Abba

Testo della canzone Santa Rosa di Abba Album: Miscellaneous I’d give anything to be back home in Santa Rosa How I wish this road would take me home where I belong Cos I have found no other place where I would stay I’m tired and broke, my dreams have failed along the way I’d give anything to be… Leggi »

Testo Hasta Maana (Spanish Version) – ABBA

Testo della canzone Hasta Maana (Spanish Version) di ABBA Album: Unknown Dnde qued el verano aqul que nos uni dnde se fue, yo no lo s si an mi amor sigue por ti vivendo Hasta maana te sabr esperar dime t, el lugar es que la fuerza de un amor as sabe triunfar siempre a pesar de todo… Leggi »

Testo Hej Gamle Man (swedish) – Abba

Testo della canzone Hej Gamle Man (swedish) di Abba Album: Miscellaneous Han str p torget varje dag En vnlig gammal man Hans hr r lite grnat Under mssans rda band Med blanka knappor i sin rock Och bssan i sin hand Han vet nog ganska vl Vad vi vill frga om ibland Hej gamle man Kan du visa… Leggi »

Testo I Am The City – Abba

Testo della canzone I Am The City di Abba Album: Opus 10 Coming through a cloud, you’re looking at me from above And I’m a revelation spreading out before your eyes And you find me beautiful and irresistible A giant creature that forever seems to grow in size And you feel a strange attraction The air is vibrant… Leggi »

Testo Just A Notion – Abba

Testo della canzone Just A Notion di Abba Album: Miscellaneous Just a notion – that’s all Just a funny feeling deep inside Aah, that you’re out there waiting You’re not sure I’m alone And you wonder if I’m occupied Aah, so you’re hesitating Just a notion That you’ll be walking up to me in a while And you… Leggi »

Testo Dream World – Abba

Testo della canzone Dream World di Abba Album: Unknown We’re not the stars of a Hollywood movie So what’s the use to pretend I’m not so charming and you’re not so groovy You’ve gotta face it my friend Chorus Dream world You’ve been living in a dream world Trust me You just can’t escape from reality Boy meets… Leggi »

Testo Merry-Go-Round (English Version) – Abba

Testo della canzone Merry-Go-Round (English Version) di Abba Album: Miscellaneous I have tried in vain, never had success So it seems my life is nothing but a mess I have lost my only friend Now it seems I have to start again Merry-go-round, where am I bound With my love and feelings, merry-go-round Who wants to kiss me,… Leggi »