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Testo Unlock Your Secrets Of Your Heart – ABC

Testo della canzone Unlock Your Secrets Of Your Heart degli ABC Album: Do you remember sunday nights, summer time at Shoom Joy big enough to fill the world, just inside that room Do you remember Friday nights at the Hacienda? Armistace for gangs, no fights, just beats to make the world surrender Was it all a dream? Was… Leggi »

Testo Unzip – ABC

Testo della canzone Unzip degli ABC Album: Beauty Stab Love’s just the gimmick A mime or a mimic That makes sex seem respectable Make you feel more than a dream holding me Holding me, holding me, holding me Lips that seem so kissable Unpermissible unzippable unzip! Why take pleasure in censorship Unzip! unzip! unzip! She’s vegetarian except when… Leggi »

Testo 4 Ever 2 Gether – ABC

Testo della canzone 4 Ever 2 Gether degli ABC Album: Lexicon Of Love Speak no Evil You can’t tell me, how to run my life You can’t tell me, drugs you’re using You’re talking loud, and saying nothing Walking proud, and going nowhere fast You know If you could tell me, how to find belief If you told… Leggi »

Testo Ask A Thousand Times – ABC

Testo della canzone Ask A Thousand Times degli ABC Album: Skyscraping When i’m high, you’re low When i’m up, you’re down And we’re never around When we need each other Back stabbing You know that i bleed I just know you’ll disagree * ask a thousand times A thousand times i’ll see no Love is never blind Though… Leggi »

Testo Valentines day – ABC

Testo della canzone Valentines day degli ABC Album: When the postman don’t call on Valentine’s day And Santa Claus don’t come on a Christmas Day That umbrella won’t work on a rainy day Don’t ask me, I already know When they find you beached on the barrier reef And the only pleasure treasured is in map relief The… Leggi »

Testo One Day – ABC

Testo della canzone One Day degli ABC Album: Alphabet City Knifing my way through a diamond mine Dragging those rocks From seabed to shoreline Rubies and sapphires from Emerald bay Stretching across the milky way One day… one day… Prospecting gold and staking my claim But the only thing I treasure Is hearing your name Most everyone dreams… Leggi »

Testo King Money – ABC

Testo della canzone King Money degli ABC Album: Beauty Stab Not what you are, But what you’ve earned Where jack-queen-king Money’s concerned A friend in need is a friend in debt That kinda friend king money can forget. May those that are full get struck dumb When they tell the hungry of the good times To come, More… Leggi »

Testo Where Is The Heaven – ABC

Testo della canzone Where Is The Heaven degli ABC Album: Up Vandals in ermine Rip city skylines Dodge truth and virtue With slick city bylines A paragon of virtue Until they hurt you In power and in status We know they hate us So where is the heaven And where is there love? Where the hell is the… Leggi »

Testo Tears Are Not Enough – ABC

Testo della canzone Tears Are Not Enough degli ABC Album: Absolutely Tears for souvenirs Tears are not enough Tears for shields and spears Tears are not enough Searching for certainty When it’s such an unstable world Searching for something good And I’m looking for the real McCoy Blueprint: That says that boy meets girl Picture: Girl meets boy… Leggi »

Testo Love Is A Dangerous Language – ABC

Testo della canzone Love Is A Dangerous Language degli ABC Album: Love’s a dangerous language Survey the damage See what love has done Oh, my precious darling my sacred angel Look what we’ve done Oh, you’re scared and frightened I know your frightened Don’t be afraid yes We’ll take your problem wheel Drive it slowly to a shallow… Leggi »