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Testo Vanity Kills – ABC

Testo della canzone Vanity Kills degli ABC Album: How To Be A Zillionaire Have you heard the latest? (you love you) Have you seen who just walked in (vain vain vain vain) (uh huh, you love you) right over there She’s so vain vain vain vain Vain vain vain vain I’m glad you’ve found someone who loves you… Leggi »

Testo Spellbound – ABC

Testo della canzone Spellbound degli ABC Album: Abracadabra Boy got paparazi, rich lead to slum Let him think the grass is greener, it always is for someone Pilgrims and penitents, saying it’s the end of the world Let them wallow in their sorrow I want to live like there’s no tomorrow, with you girl World turns (world turns)… Leggi »

Testo Beauty Stab – ABC

Testo della canzone Beauty Stab degli ABC Album: Beauty Stab We haven’t lyrics of this song. Please, add these lyrics for other users. Use Correct . Thanks to you. Tutte le canzoni degli ABC

Testo Chicago – ABC

Testo della canzone Chicago degli ABC Album: Alphabet City We haven’t lyrics of this song. Please, add these lyrics for other users. Use Correct . Thanks to you. Tutte le canzoni degli ABC

Testo Be Near Me – ABC

Testo della canzone Be Near Me degli ABC Album: Absolutely The message is perfectly simple The meaning is clear Don’t ever stray too far And don’t disappear Ever had that feeling, almost broke in two? Said that you were leaving, like you do. You do? All my dreams came true last night All my hopes and fears All… Leggi »

Testo Hey Citizen – ABC

Testo della canzone Hey Citizen degli ABC Album: Beauty Stab Here they come, Slumming their way outta the jacuzzi, Well, i’ve lived in a slum, sugar plum, Hit and run And it did not amuse me There they go, Moving around on the radio, Well i’ve been on that show, Reap and sow, feed and grow And it… Leggi »

Testo Whats Good About Goodbye – ABC

Testo della canzone Whats Good About Goodbye degli ABC Album: Goodbye! Every face in the street, everyone that I meet I think it’s you in disguise I hear sweet angels sing, life’s a radiant thing I’m bewitched and tantalized, yeah What’s good about goodbye? No one ever told me What’s good about goodbye? Wish you could hold me… Leggi »

Testo Never More Than Now – ABC

Testo della canzone Never More Than Now degli ABC Album: Up I had dreams and crazy schemes Never felt this way before I had days when I god raged Never felt like this before Endless nights that end in flights Now I feel love Never. Never. Never more than now Never. Never. Never more than now Never more… Leggi »

Testo All That Matters – ABC

Testo della canzone All That Matters degli ABC Album: Abracadabra I believe that this world was made for everyone I can see all that wealth won’t make a champion All that matters in my world (life) All that matters to me is you Only you, only you All that matters, only you I don’t care what people say,… Leggi »

Testo Unlock The Secrets Of Your Heart – ABC

Testo della canzone Unlock The Secrets Of Your Heart degli ABC Album: Abracadabra Do you remember sunday nights, summer time at shoom Joy big enough to fill the world, just inside that room Do you remember friday nights at the hacienda? Armistace for gangs, no fights, just beats to make the world surrender Was it all a dream?… Leggi »