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Testo Lay It Down – AEROSMITH

Testo della canzone Lay It Down di AEROSMITH Album: Unknown Ruby red… her lips were on fire A do me with a kiss if you please Tell me what’chor sweetheart desires Tell me how you want it to be ‘Cause if it’s love you want Then you won’t mind a little tenderness That sometimes is so hard to… Leggi »

Testo Reefer Head Woman – Aerosmith

Testo della canzone Reefer Head Woman di Aerosmith Album: Night In The Ruts I got a reefer headed woman She fell right down from the sky (Good Lord) Woh…I got a reefer head a woman She fell right down from the sky Well, I gots to drink me a two fifths of whiskey Just to get half as… Leggi »

Testo Intro (Get A Grip) – Aerosmith

Testo della canzone Intro (Get A Grip) di Aerosmith Album: Miscellaneous Wake up kids It’s half past the youth Nothing really changing but the date You a grand slammer but you’re no Babe Ruth You gotta learn how to relate I heard you swinging from the perly gate I got all answers low and behold You got the… Leggi »

Testo Bacon Biscuit Blues – Aerosmith

Testo della canzone Bacon Biscuit Blues di Aerosmith Album: unknow Put your biscuits in the oven Honey, put your buns in bed I wanna come inside your kitchen Wanna taste your shortening bread I want to jump into your skillet Honey, tickle your home fries I gotta hambone working fill it Won’t you try it on for size… Leggi »

Testo No More No More – Aerosmith

Testo della canzone No More No More di Aerosmith Album: Toys In The Attic (S. Tyler, J. Perry) blood stains the ivories on my daddy’s baby grand ain’t seen the daylight since we started this band no more, no more no more, no more store-bought clothes fallin’ ‘part at the seams tea leaf-readin’ gypsies fortune-tellin’ my dreams no… Leggi »

Testo Cant Stop Messin – Aerosmith

Testo della canzone Cant Stop Messin di Aerosmith Album: Unknown Sitting at a stop sign lookin’ for a friend of mine Waiting to salute the flag Talkin’ to some heshe, slidin’ over next to me Man, she said, this lide is a drag It’s a shaky situation, I’m hangin’ on my will And I get no satisfaction from… Leggi »

Testo Attitude Adjustment – Aerosmith

Testo della canzone Attitude Adjustment di Aerosmith Album: Nine Lives This girl I knew She loved me and blew me away We made love no doubt But she never went out of her way I keep wonderin´, I keep wonderin´ why Do the wings of your butterfly Lightnin´ thunder I keep wonderin´ why Hey I think you need… Leggi »

Testo Jesus Is On The Main Line – AEROSMITH

Testo della canzone Jesus Is On The Main Line di AEROSMITH Album: Unknown (Mississippi Fred McDowell) Jesus is on that mainline… tell him what you want Jesus is on that mainline… tell him what you want Jesus is on that mainline… tell him what you want You gotta call him up and tell him what you want Oh…… Leggi »