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Testo Change The World – Alphaville

Testo della canzone Change The World degli Alphaville Album: Miscellaneous We can change the world… The difference is in the way… The difference is in the way we are as people The difference is the sum of what we are So look at the things that join us together And take away the things that pull us apart… Leggi »

Testo Point Of Know Return – Alphaville

Testo della canzone Point Of Know Return degli Alphaville Album: Salvation The gentle taste of orange A garden of fruit and flowers is what i embrace In ocean blue eyes, in each one’s an island I’m stranded within your love And as i fall deeper than ever And as we kiss, we’re each other’s guide into the unknown… Leggi »

Testo Carry Your Flag (superheroes) – Alphaville

Testo della canzone Carry Your Flag (superheroes) degli Alphaville Album: Miscellaneous We must have played For more than ten years We must have thought That we’re immortal Shame, shame on us, Ah little hussy, What did you think i was I look at us We have grown older A lot too much For me to take I thought… Leggi »

Testo Inside Out – Alphaville

Testo della canzone Inside Out degli Alphaville Album: Salvation your hand full of hours – sand from the urns a traveling companion – the secret of ferns from darkness to darkness – where shall i begin when whiteness attacked us – sewn under our skin and there were the stars that helped to navigate our souls with all… Leggi »

Testo Do The Strand – Alphaville

Testo della canzone Do The Strand degli Alphaville Album: Miscellaneous there’s a new sensation, a fabulous creation a danceable solution to teenage revolution do the strand, love, when you feel love it’s the new way, that’s why we say do the strand do it on the tables, quaglino’s place or mabel’s slow and gentle, sentimental all styles served… Leggi »

Testo Those Were The Days (Revisited) – Alphaville

Testo della canzone Those Were The Days (Revisited) degli Alphaville Album: Miscellaneous there is a landscape in my head i sometimes travel but this is strictly after dark beyond the barricades and trenches there stands the factory hand me the costum of the sad acrobat and he says: son, this is the bread i break for you but… Leggi »

Testo Days Full Of Wonder (bells) – Alphaville

Testo della canzone Days Full Of Wonder (bells) degli Alphaville Album: Miscellaneous When you feel so far away though you’re close to everything And the feeling of estrangement’s creeping up on spider’s legs Even in these days of wonder, even in the age of faith There are some who goin’ under There are some who never got it… Leggi »

Testo Hey Charles! – Alphaville

Testo della canzone Hey Charles! degli Alphaville Album: Miscellaneous by eric sooter we had shared our company, talked about reality in terms we understand we built the entire universe around the minds of boys and girls and touched it with our hands until the structures we created fell apart desintigrated and this is where we stand hey charles,… Leggi »

Testo Ariana – Alphaville

Testo della canzone Ariana degli Alphaville Album: The Breathtaking Blue Driving down the streets, listening to the radio, what do we get Ariana Reading the papers and the news, they scream, haven’t you heard Ariana She rules the business, she’s such a restless genuine juvenile Everyone knows, wherever she goes She got chique, she got class, she got… Leggi »