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Testo Submarine Ladies – AMERICA

Testo della canzone Submarine Ladies di AMERICA Album: Unknown Why do you laugh at me when you know I really care You sometimes act as though I’m not even there And yet if you did to me the things I do to you I would surely say we’re through Don’t you know that I love you I was… Leggi »

Testo And Forever – AMERICA

Testo della canzone And Forever di AMERICA Album: Unknown I remember sidewalk laughter down New Orleans, LA A hot wet night at the fight with you Had to push through the crowds and talk Very loud it’s true But you were on my mind that day You were on my mind each day You were on my mind… Leggi »

Testo Down To The Water – AMERICA

Testo della canzone Down To The Water di AMERICA Album: Unknown The waves come in Crash on the shoreline Salty water, don’t you know It’s yours, yours and mine So grab your girl And don’t go wastin’ time And let’s go down to the water tonight White capped clouds Dance in the sunlight Purple fishes watch And show… Leggi »

Testo Kiss Of Life – America

Testo della canzone Kiss Of Life di America Album: Miscellaneous There will be no more confusion There will be no more ball and chain I will cease with the illusions And I will ask of you the same When you love someone It’s gonna take some time Come on and save me, save me Pull me from deep… Leggi »

Testo Todays The Day – America

Testo della canzone Todays The Day di America Album: Unknown Hold me close You turn nighttime into day And you’re the most Brightest star that lights my way So come home to me now ‘Cause it won’t matter anyhow I’ve got this feeling that today’s the day I’ve got this feeling today’s the day Turn me out Turn… Leggi »

Testo World Alone – AMERICA

Testo della canzone World Alone di AMERICA Album: Unknown I remember so long ago wondering Could we stay this way forever On this carousel turning and laughing We just wanted to be together And so we did it We left on our own merry way Into this world alone In the sand at the sea we lay gazing… Leggi »

Testo Garden Of Peace – AMERICA

Testo della canzone Garden Of Peace di AMERICA Album: Unknown I look inside at the scarlet room Places to hide in the dusty gloom A noisy clock and a silver spoon A china cup on the mantlepiece Gathering dust as it did in the east And just outside lies the garden of peace Oh, tell me is this… Leggi »

Testo Van Go Gan – America

Testo della canzone Van Go Gan di America Album: Miscellaneous From this day on, I’ll watch the setting sun As if it might be my last And as I view the changing color hue I see the long shadows pass Van Go Gan, Van Go Gan Get a a grip, if you can Van Go Gan, Van Go… Leggi »

Testo Watership Down – AMERICA

Testo della canzone Watership Down di AMERICA Album: Unknown Watership Down, gather around There’s a story to be told It’s for the young and for the old You might hear them in the distance If your ear’s to the ground Whisper it loud, carry the sound Of the footsteps alone When they’re heading for home Through the raining… Leggi »

Testo Riverside – AMERICA

Testo della canzone Riverside di AMERICA Album: Unknown Living on the riverside taking it all in my stride Living on the riverside, I’m taking life like a big long ride You stay on your side and I’ll stay on mine You take what you want and I’ll take the sunshine Dit dit dit dit do … Ah-, ah-… Leggi »