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Testo Houses In White – America

Testo della canzone Houses In White di America Album: Miscellaneous (Rose? Rose? I don’t know if I have the right number but I have some bad news to tell you.) One full circle, round, round, round One more calendar coming down Late editions scandalize Every headline full of lies Houses in white Oh how they take me back… Leggi »

Testo Close To The Wind – AMERICA

Testo della canzone Close To The Wind di AMERICA Album: Unknown Ah Lately, it hasn’t been easy I’ve been wanderin’ all night Searchin’, tryin’ to find an answer Why I’m in this situation I’ve been sailing close to the wind Trying to keep my head above water Close to the wind, without you I’ve been sailing close to… Leggi »

Testo Jody – AMERICA

Testo della canzone Jody di AMERICA Album: Unknown Just to think I had her in my hands To think we made our plans Somehow it feels just like a dream For I played it so darn cool Is there a bigger fool To say I wanted to be free ‘Cause now I know just what she meant to… Leggi »

Testo Border – America

Testo della canzone Border di America Album: Unknown Flyin’ me back to Memphis Gotta find my Daisy Jane Well the summer’s gonne And I hope she’s feelin’ the same Well I left her just to roam the city Thinkin’ it would easy the pain I’m a crazy man and I’m playin’ my crazy game, game Does she really… Leggi »

Testo Simple Life – America

Testo della canzone Simple Life di America Album: Miscellaneous Life today is frittered away You’ve got to simplify Each in our own way, we live for today And never know why To stand in the road And feel the wind blow Across the sands of time ‘Cause that’s the simple life You know I’d like to make it… Leggi »

Testo Cast The Spirit – AMERICA

Testo della canzone Cast The Spirit di AMERICA Album: Unknown When you feel down and you’ve nobody to turn to When you feel you’re about to give up The sun goes down and darkness surrounds you And it’s runnin’ dry in your lovin’ cup Cast the spirit, cast it out If it’s in your body, then let it… Leggi »

Testo Three Roses – AMERICA

Testo della canzone Three Roses di AMERICA Album: Unknown Sitting by the fireside with a book in your hand Two lazy dogs sittin’ watchin’ your man Three roses were bought with you in mind Three roses were bought with you in mind I gotta stop and see what I’m on about Stop and feel what I want I… Leggi »

Testo Mitchum Junction (demo) – America

Testo della canzone Mitchum Junction (demo) di America Album: Miscellaneous Railroad smoke sifting through the strong southern sky I always knew that one day I’d see you die Said the man at the junction To the boy in conjunction With the murder of a man With the murder of a man Railroad smoke sifting through the strong southern… Leggi »

Testo Woman Tonight – America

Testo della canzone Woman Tonight di America Album: America’s Greatest Hits – History Oh, hold me tight Won’t you be my woman tonight Oh, hold me tight Won’t you be my woman tonight I get the shivers up and down my spine The only time I’m happy’s when I know she’s mine So hold, hold me tight Treat… Leggi »

Testo Whispering – AMERICA

Testo della canzone Whispering di AMERICA Album: Unknown I hear you in my sleep I’ve fallen in too deep Sometimes it’s hard to keep Secrets, secrets It’s like a breath of air I feel it everywhere And still I can’t declare Secrets, secrets Gotta keep whispering on the phone at night Gotta keep whispering, gotta get it right… Leggi »