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Testo One Days Duning – America

Testo della canzone One Days Duning di America Album: Unknown One day’s duning, Tuesday’s dreams The ever changing world Interfering sights unseen The never ending swirl You are to me the only one Go out and have your fun Don’t be surprised if the message you find Changes all the things you do Someone’s drawing a lightning streak… Leggi »

Testo My American Dream – America

Testo della canzone My American Dream di America Album: Miscellaneous Author unknown (sung by dan peek) Found on heard. I always thought that i wanted a long, new, shiny cadillac That a real man wears five hundred dollar suits upon his back I always thought that i needed a big, old house with a million dollar view But… Leggi »

Testo Head And Heart – AMERICA

Testo della canzone Head And Heart di AMERICA Album: Unknown There’s just no way to say how much I love you You never make me cry and that’s just fine I’ve only got my fear to burn above me You know we all get scared from time to time Love me with your head and heart Love me… Leggi »

Testo Midnight – AMERICA

Testo della canzone Midnight di AMERICA Album: Unknown Midnight rolling in, sunlight Reaching out for your return As you were running through the tunnel of life And soon you’ll dance around the fire of fright Tonight When you’re standing on the corner And the sun is getting hot Does this day begin to worry you a lot You… Leggi »

Testo Children – AMERICA

Testo della canzone Children di AMERICA Album: Unknown The boy cried out Gaily on the ground At the joy Of something he had found Aw, come on children, get your heads back together Aw, come on children, get your heads back together Aw, come on children, get your heads back together The days are getting warmer now The… Leggi »

Testo Sergeant Darkness – AMERICA

Testo della canzone Sergeant Darkness di AMERICA Album: Unknown Thank the morning for bringing you Hope you never turn your head and run And thank the sun for shining, too Hope the darkness never comes again What it does to me Isn’t good to see You say that fortune brought you Sailin’ cross the sea I don’t believe… Leggi »

Testo Till The Sun Comes Up Again – AMERICA

Testo della canzone Till The Sun Comes Up Again di AMERICA Album: Unknown Think I’ll write a different song Got a feeling it might take a long time Singin’ it over again, I can’t recall just how it used to be Voices across the sea Mm, mm, mm. Will she come to me, to keep me company Won’t… Leggi »

Testo Fooling – America

Testo della canzone Fooling di America Album: Unknown You let me follow you around It helped your status in the town Well I didn’t know your name There’s no truth in what you claim So I think you better stop this foolin’ ‘round I think it’s called a lesson learned When one so close suddenly turns Leaves you… Leggi »

Testo Shes A Runaway – America

Testo della canzone Shes A Runaway di America Album: Unknown Yesterday she stood here with me I kissed her mouth, I had her in my hands That kind of love, it could last forever And together we made our plans And then I woke up today There on the table her letter lay Tellin’ me she’s goin’ away… Leggi »

Testo I Do Believe In You – AMERICA

Testo della canzone I Do Believe In You di AMERICA Album: Unknown They tried to catch us dancin’ on the line They say we took it way too far this time They gave us no breaks here But we made our own I swear I do, I do believe in you After all that we’ve been through I… Leggi »