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Testo What Does It Matter – AMERICA

Testo della canzone What Does It Matter di AMERICA Album: Unknown (Great hits of the sixties) Look the lady’s got a photograph Silver framed and velvet backed Well, she took it quite a while ago Funny that she never let me know What does it matter to me If it doesn’t show I just don’t know It’s only… Leggi »

Testo Who Loves You – AMERICA

Testo della canzone Who Loves You di AMERICA Album: Unknown Love is falling on me Time will tell how much you mean to me Can’t stop looking in your eyes Count the stars hiding up in the sky Look who loves you when you’re feelin’ down Just like you’re the only one around Look who loves you when… Leggi »

Testo Paradise – America

Testo della canzone Paradise di America Album: Unknown Paradise Caught between the fire and the ice No need to think twice It’s where I want to be Like a weather vane Following the wind the sun and rain The ecstasy and pain And all that comes between Cause in the morning summer breezes will be coming my way… Leggi »

Testo One In A Million – AMERICA

Testo della canzone One In A Million di AMERICA Album: Unknown One night, one in a million Twilight, lastin’ us through tomorrow Nothing can come between us That’s what I wanna do Today, there will be no competition I think today might be A one in a million for me I’ve seen the sun drop below my roof… Leggi »