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Testo Stupid Little Things – Anastacia

Testo della canzone Stupid Little Things di Anastacia Album: Resurrection (2014) Stuck on the wrong side of heaven But I did it to myself I did it to myself Traded in my forever But I did it to myself I did it to myself When I get too close to my someday Every time I blow it away… Leggi »

Testo Where Do I Belong – Anastacia

Testo della canzone Where Do I Belong di Anastacia Album: Unknown Ohhh.. Ohhh.. Life doesn’t promise a bed of roses Or white knights Fields of emotions I’m trapped in darkness Why me Save me To win this twisted war inside me Won’t justify the pain Life doesn’t promise a bed of roses [Chorus:] Lightening strikes the pages keep… Leggi »

Testo Boom – Anastacia

Testo della canzone Boom di Anastacia Album: Miscellaneous complicated understanding what you can achieve under-rated the one to win one who believes if I go away would you follow me to that special place of tranquility where the.. river flows and the fields are golden come on, come on yeah boom here to rock ya boom never stop,… Leggi »

Testo Underdog – Anastacia

Testo della canzone Underdog di Anastacia Album: Unknown I know how it feels to expect to get a fair shake But they won’t let you forget You’re the underdog and you got to be twice as good (yeah) Even if you’re never right They get uptight when you got too much You might start thinking too much, too… Leggi »

Testo I Dreamed You – Anastacia

Testo della canzone I Dreamed You di Anastacia Album: Freak Of Nature You walked in the room and time was standin’ still knew you were my destiny by the way you made me feel only you in my life forever and today you’re everything I ever imagined my love could be you for me Like the stars need… Leggi »

Testo Seasons Change – Anastacia

Testo della canzone Seasons Change di Anastacia Album: Unknown Cradle the weight of your life You can survive What lies before you It’s only a matter of time Before the night Turns into day Oh, it should feel incredible, whoa.. To know you’re not alone, uh Just look in my eyes (just look in my eyes) whoa.. just… Leggi »

Testo Not That Kind – Anastacia

Testo della canzone Not That Kind di Anastacia Album: Anastacia Verse 1: All the time that we spent together I wont fuss I wont fight Trying to make you mine You know I’m not that kind I said I’d love you till the twelfth of never But I won’t run far ahead Leaving you behind You know I’m… Leggi »

Testo Cowboys and Kisses – Anastacia

Testo della canzone Cowboys and Kisses di Anastacia Album: Anastacia Intro: Cowboys and kisses Cowboys and kisses Gotta find myself everytime you go away Verse 1: Baggy blue jeans and a box of magazines Is all i have of you Waitin’ on the day you’ll walk back in my life Like a new born child you made me… Leggi »

Testo Pretty Little Dum Dum – Anastacia

Testo della canzone Pretty Little Dum Dum di Anastacia Album: Unknown Padapapapa.. Padapapapapa.. Padapapapa.. Padapapapapa.. Padapapapa.. Padapapapapa.. Floating in a circle of illusion and deceit Drifting far beneath the skin The taste of bitter sweet Giving in to fantasies Playing every part It’s so hard to break away from what He says you are [Chorus:] He calls you… Leggi »