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Testo SMASH INTO YOU – Beyonce Knowles

Album: I Am (2008) Testo della canzone SMASH INTO YOU di Beyonce Knowles Head down as I watch my feet take turns hitting the ground. I should I find myself in love racing the Earth And I’m soaked in your love ,oh And love was right in my path, in my grasp And me and you,belong I wanna… Leggi »

Testo I Care – Beyonce Knowles

Album: 4 (2011) Testo della canzone I Care di Beyonce Knowles I told you how your hurt me, baby But you don’t care Now I’m crying and deserted, baby But you don’t care Ain’t nobody tell this is love But you’re inmune to all my pain I need you to tell me this is love You don’t care… Leggi »

Testo SATELLITES – Beyonce Knowles

Album: I Am (2008) Testo della canzone SATELLITES di Beyonce Knowles Satellites Flashing by It’s a beautiful state were in But how can we love in isolation Think how happy we can be When we just try When nothing like we seem Passion in words are never spoken You don’t know how I bleed When I leave your… Leggi »

Testo Whats it gonna be – Beyonce Knowles

Album: Dangerously in Love[Japanese Bonus Track] Testo della canzone Whats it gonna be di Beyonce Knowles hey you what’s the deal its poppin up in here wanna have a good time just tryna chill when i couldnt help to notice how you starin at me ooh baby you’re so fine you deserve a try with your sexy eyes… Leggi »

Testo EGO – Beyonce Knowles

Album: Sasha Fierce (2008) Testo della canzone EGO di Beyonce Knowles Hey baby how you doing? You know Im gonna cut right to the chase Some women were made But me, myself I like to think I was created For a special purpose You know, whats more special than you, you feel me? Its on, baby lets get… Leggi »

Testo Party – Beyonce Knowles

Album: 4 (2011) Testo della canzone Party di Beyonce Knowles I may be young, but I’m ready To give you all my love I told my girls you can get it Don’t slow it down, just let it go So in love I’d give it all away Just don’t tell nobody tomorrow So tonight, I’ll do it every… Leggi »

Testo dangeriously in love – Beyonce Knowles

Album: dangeriously in love Testo della canzone dangeriously in love di Beyonce Knowles (verse 1) baby i love u, u are my life my happiest moments were incomplete if u weren’t by my side, baby i’m so proud, proud to be your gurl, u make the confussion go all away from this cold and mixxed world Chours i… Leggi »