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Testo From Red To Blue – Billy Bragg

Testo della canzone From Red To Blue di Billy Bragg Album: William Bloke Another day dawns grey, its enough to make me spit But we go on our way, just putting up with it And when i try to make my feelings known to you You sound like you have changed from red to blue You’re a father… Leggi »

Testo Dolphins – Billy Bragg

Testo della canzone Dolphins di Billy Bragg Album: Donc120t Try This At Home Sometimes i think about Saturday’s child And all about the time We were running wild I’ve been searching For the dolphins in the sea And sometimes i wonder Do you ever think of me This world may never change The way it’s been And all… Leggi »

Testo Sulk – Billy Bragg

Testo della canzone Sulk di Billy Bragg Album: No Pop, No Style, Strictly Roots If you hate me, why don’t you go? And if you love me, why don’t you let me know? But you just won’t give me an inch, so You just sulk Why do i want to hide whenever you show up? You know your… Leggi »

Testo The Passion – Billy Bragg

Testo della canzone The Passion di Billy Bragg Album: Talking With The Taxman About The fear of a daughter can run high In the mind of a father to be For something is growing inside But we don’t talk about it, do we In the long empty passionless night Many times to herself she had prayed That the… Leggi »

Testo Levi Stubbs Tears – Billy Bragg

Testo della canzone Levi Stubbs Tears di Billy Bragg Album: with the money from her accident She bought herself a mobile home So at least she could get some enjoyment Out of being alone No one could say that she was left up on the shelf It’s you and me against the world kid she mumbled to herself… Leggi »

Testo Ontario, Quebec And Me – Billy Bragg

Testo della canzone Ontario, Quebec And Me di Billy Bragg Album: No Pop, No Style, Strictly Roots You don’t need my christmas cards You already have my heart This has been a holiday romance Right from the very start For we know how to spend the time Who cares about the weather We’ll dance in the town till… Leggi »

Testo Little Time Bomb – Billy Bragg

Testo della canzone Little Time Bomb di Billy Bragg Album: Workers Playtime One of them’s off her food And the other one’s off his head And both of them are off down the boozer To drink a toast To the one that he hates most And she says there are no winners, only losers Well if there are… Leggi »