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Testo Sometimes – Blink-182

Testo della canzone Sometimes dei Blink-182 Album: Buddha Oh, how i wish that they would last Moments of peace that just slip through me so fast Just when i think that they are gonna stay Everything inside me just starts fading away Sometimes it seems like all i hope for Just gets thrown down on the floor And… Leggi »

Testo What Went Wrong – Blink-182

Testo della canzone What Went Wrong dei Blink-182 Album: Miscellaneous i’m sick of always hearing All those sad songs on the radio All day it is there to remind An over sensitive guy that he’s lost and alone, yeah I hate our favorite restaurant, Our favorite movie, our favorite show We would stay up all through the night… Leggi »

Testo First Date – Blink-182

Testo della canzone First Date dei Blink-182 Album: Take Off Your Pants & Jacket In the car i just can’t wait, To pick you up on our very first date Is it cool if i hold your hand? Is it wrong if i think it’s lame to dance? Do you like my stupid hair? Would you guess that… Leggi »

Testo Degenerate – Blink-182

Testo della canzone Degenerate dei Blink-182 Album: Dude Ranch Crossed the street, naked at night Bent over to show some moonlight Pulled out some beer and i gulped it down Nude in a gutter is how i was found Thrown in the policecar and the door slammed No noise, just silence, as i screamed, my dick was Jammed,… Leggi »

Testo The Rock Show – Blink-182

Testo della canzone The Rock Show dei Blink-182 Album: Take Off Your Pants & Jacket Hanging out behind the club on the weekends Acting stupid, getting drunk with my best friends I couldn’t wait for the summer and the warped tour I remember that it’s the first time that i saw her there She’s getting kicked out of… Leggi »

Testo Online Songs – Blink-182

Testo della canzone Online Songs dei Blink-182 Album: Take Off Your Pants & Jacket Online songs Josie You’re my source of most frustraion Forget when i don’t meet expectations Everything you wished came true In the end we all blamed you Even though, as they all know You weren’t the only one (two three four..) Why do you… Leggi »

Testo Freak Scene – Blink-182

Testo della canzone Freak Scene dei Blink-182 Album: Seen enough to eye you But I’ve seen to much to try you It’s always weirdness while you Dig you much too much to fry you The wind just blows between us Anyone could tell to see us Freak scene just can’t believe us Can’t it just be cool and… Leggi »

Testo People People People – Blink-182

Testo della canzone People People People dei Blink-182 Album: Its hard to wake up, when the shades have been pulled shut This house is haunted, its so pathetic, it makes no sense at all Im ripe with things to say, the words rot and fall away What stupid poem could fix this home, I’d read it every day… Leggi »

Testo Man Overboard – Blink-182

Testo della canzone Man Overboard dei Blink-182 Album: Mark Tom & Travis Show so sorry it’s over So sorry it’s over There’s so much more than i wanted and There’s so much more than i needed and Time keeps moving on and on and on Soon we’ll all be gone Let’s take some time to talk this over… Leggi »