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Testo Victor – Blondie

Testo della canzone Victor di Blondie Album: Eat To The Beat by Deborah Harry, Frank Infante I don’t want to you to go Please don’t leave me alone I don’t want to you to go Please don’t leave me alone Dear Anna Soon I’ll be with you Before they know Before the show I’m not a whore That’s… Leggi »

Testo Susie And Jeffrey – Blondie

Testo della canzone Susie And Jeffrey di Blondie Album: Blonde & Beyond Even though jeff was worried, they weren’t in a hurry. They planned a lovely honeymoon. Sue had a brand new chevy, conservative, in good taste. Only 30 payments due. They had outstanding tickets. They had no car insurance, but they had lots of things to do.… Leggi »

Testo No Exit – Blondie

Testo della canzone No Exit di Blondie Album: No Exit There’s no sin in this Getting dressed to kill Laughing down the sun like a jackal will With his eyes ablaze yeah and his lips apart He’s gonna fill his cup with the love in your heart And drink it up till the morning starts Circulate the red… Leggi »