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Testo Mood Ring – Blondie

Testo della canzone Mood Ring di Blondie Album: Debravation Where does it start? Where does it end? Where’s the division in ocean and sand? Days are quiet, nights are long. Everything is august, everything is calm. We’re lying here in the heat in suspended animation with a slo-mo beat. Taken together, taken apart, i feel your excitement. Take… Leggi »

Testo Dreaming (utah Saints Mix) – Blondie

Testo della canzone Dreaming (utah Saints Mix) di Blondie Album: Beautiful The Remix Album Dreaming. dreaming is free. When i met you in the restaurant you could tell i was no debutante. You asked me what’s my pleasure, "a movie or a measure"? I’ll have a cup of tea and tell you of my dreaming. Dreaming is free.… Leggi »

Testo Walk Like Me – Blondie

Testo della canzone Walk Like Me di Blondie Album: Autoamerican We don’t wear that uniform paper men from pages torn right off the press it could be Tass Suits for the regime The media’s gone and had a baby Seventh wave another navy I live in America: gridlock on the street Tell that girl you like her badge… Leggi »

Testo Living In Your Heart – Blondie

Testo della canzone Living In Your Heart di Blondie Album: Heart On A Wall Listen. Separation. Come in between. Ginseng apparation. Fly on your wing. Lovers are a lighthouse shining in the dark. Steal away inside you. Live in your heart. Ooh i want your love. Oh i want your love. Automatic motion, walking alone. Daytime seperation. I’m… Leggi »

Testo Love At The Pier – Blondie

Testo della canzone Love At The Pier di Blondie Album: Plastic Letters We fell in love down at the pier You were sunburnt and I was around Soon we were sharing a beer We fell in love at the pier I’m no sentimental slob, so don’t think I’m queer You got somethin’ baby and it ain’t just my… Leggi »

Testo Call Me – Blondie

Testo della canzone Call Me di Blondie (dal film American Gigolò) Album: American Gigolò Colour me your colour, baby Colour me your car Colour me your colour, darling I know who you are Come up off your colour chart I know where you’re comin’ from Call me (call me) on the line Call me, call me any, anytime… Leggi »

Testo Hanging On The Telephone (Remix) – Blondie

Testo della canzone Hanging On The Telephone (Remix) di Blondie Album: Miscellaneous Your voice across the line gives me a strange sensation Your voice across the line gives me a strange sensation Your voice across the line gives me a strange sensation Your voice across the line gives me a strange sensation (repeat) Your voice across the line… Leggi »

Testo Jump Jump – Blondie

Testo della canzone Jump Jump di Blondie Album: Koo Koo Wearing stripes, arms up high, as tall as can be, Nothing more than a frozen smile to see. In the cage he’ll defy all that’s logical. Under lights, stay up all night with his formula. In the grip in the step of potential rage. Oh it’s hip, formulated… Leggi »

Testo Puerto Rico – Blondie

Testo della canzone Puerto Rico di Blondie Album: Platinum Collection You say you wanna take me down to puerto rico. Crowded puerto rico. Humid puerto rico. You say you wanna take me up to the mountains. The boring mountains. You say you wanna take out to las vegas. Viva, viva las vegas. I heard it. I did it.… Leggi »

Testo Screaming Skin – Blondie

Testo della canzone Screaming Skin di Blondie Album: No Exit Following my lust for wonder Everywhere I’ve ever been I can’t escape the sound of it The sound of my screaming skin My skin cries My blood sighs I still owe some dread on this hide Following my trust in wonder I watch the circus begin I can’t… Leggi »