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Testo Angel Eyes – Blondie

Testo della canzone Angel Eyes di Blondie Album: The Jazz Passengers: Individually Twisted So drink up all you people. Order, order anything you please. Have fun, all you happy people. The drinks, and the laugh’s, on me. Pardon me, hehe, but i gotta run. The fact’s uncommonly clear. I gotta find who’s my number one and why my… Leggi »

Testo Man Overboard – Blondie

Testo della canzone Man Overboard di Blondie Album: Blondie Man overboard, sinking in a sea of love Man overboard, he jumped didn’t need a shove Oh I’ve been sailing the sea of love experiencing romance With what I know he never stood a chance He gave it all for love He gave it all for love Said lower… Leggi »

Testo Inner City Spillover – Blondie

Testo della canzone Inner City Spillover di Blondie Album: Koo Koo Lying in her bed a brick fell on her head. Plaster finally crumbled and dropped it’s load. Oh oh. Now the building was condemned. Recycled, used again. The brick that smashed her brain is now a road in maine. When the pressure is way way down, the… Leggi »

Testo Oasis – Blondie

Testo della canzone Oasis di Blondie Album: Koo Koo How many times have you heard, how many times did you say "i think i’m going crazy! you’re driving me out of my mind!"? We know it’s just an expression, a silly little phrase. Not the doorbell, not a bird call . Koo koo. How do you drive someone… Leggi »

Testo The King Of Steam – Blondie

Testo della canzone The King Of Steam di Blondie Album: Heart On A Wall Turning in the park, imagination in the dark. Want to touch your magic part. (?) I want to walk all night. Drama in my heart. Don’t wanna take myself apart. I don’t know where to start. I’m gonna walk all night. I’m gonna turn… Leggi »

Testo Sunday Girl (Remix) – Blondie

Testo della canzone Sunday Girl (Remix) di Blondie Album: Miscellaneous Ooh, Ooh, Ooh (repeat) Baby I would like to go out tonight Baby I would like to go out tonight Baby I would like to go out tonight (repeat) Baby Baby Baby (repeat) Tutte le canzoni di Blondie

Testo Warchild – Blondie

Testo della canzone Warchild di Blondie Album: Atomic: The Very Best Of Blondie I need city lights defense and weaponry No way of knowing my life expectancy I learn resistance like I learn to see A living witness A lonely refugee I’m a war child I’m a war baby and that’s the difference between you and me I’m… Leggi »

Testo He Is So – Blondie

Testo della canzone He Is So di Blondie Album: Def Dumb And Blonde He is so. Oh oh oh. How do i know he is so? So fortunately for me he is so. Fortunately for me he is so. When he’s with me sets me free. That’s how i know he is so. So far so good. He… Leggi »