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Testo Close To You – Boyzone

Testo della canzone Close To You dei Boyzone Album: Miscellaneous As I stood and said goodbye With a lump in my throat Couldn’t bear the hurt inside As I found your foolish note While I understand your pain I could see what you’ve to gain By leaving me alone Why won’t you come back home But your love… Leggi »

Testo Let The Message Run Free – Boyzone

Testo della canzone Let The Message Run Free dei Boyzone Album: By Request In this world of confusion Under the same sun Save us from complication Let the message run I was speaking so many tongues In a voice loud and clear We’ll bridge communications Let the message run So do i have to talk to another? Can… Leggi »

Testo I ll Never Not Need You – Boyzone

Testo della canzone I ll Never Not Need You dei Boyzone Album: By Request I may not need to sail the ocean I’ve got no need to climb a mountain high But there’ll be no time I won’t need you by my side You can depend on my love forever You can be sure baby, sure baby.. I’ll… Leggi »

Testo Arms Of Mary – Boyzone

Testo della canzone Arms Of Mary dei Boyzone Album: The lights shine down the valley The wind blows up the alley Oh how I wish I were lying in the Arms of Mary She took the pains of boyhood And turned them into feel good Oh hw I wish I were lying in the Arms of Mary Mary… Leggi »

Testo Melting Pot – Boyzone

Testo della canzone Melting Pot dei Boyzone Album: A Different Beat Take a pinch of one man Wrap him up in black skin Add a touch of blue blood And a little bitty bit of Indian boy Curly black and kinky Oriental and sexy If you lump it all together Well you’ve got a recipe For a get… Leggi »

Testo Coming Home Now – Boyzone

Testo della canzone Coming Home Now dei Boyzone Album: Weeks, day, hours, minutes (‘till I’ll be home). A kiss on the cheek in the old town park Carved your name in the shape of a heart Walked together, hand in hand I didn’t feel the rain And there’s a picture, girl That hangs inside my mind And there’s… Leggi »

Testo Ive Got You – Boyzone

Testo della canzone Ive Got You dei Boyzone Album: I don’t need any money and I guess you think that’s funny I got all I need right here with you I don’t need no fancy car No turbo charge no super charge None of that means anything to me Cos I’ve got you (every second every minute) I’ve… Leggi »

Testo Far From Love – Boyzone

Testo della canzone Far From Love dei Boyzone Album: Miscellaneous It’s been a while it seems so long I still remember when we were young Living our lives as one – always You had to stay I had to go Leaving was hard but I hope you know You’ve been a part of me – always Even though… Leggi »

Testo When The Going Gets Tough – Boyzone

Testo della canzone When The Going Gets Tough dei Boyzone Album: When the going gets tough The tough get going tough tough huh huh huh When the going gets tough the tough gets ready Yeah ooooh du da do da I got something to tell you I got something to say I’m gonna put this dream in motion… Leggi »

Testo Only For You – BOYZONE

Testo della canzone Only For You dei BOYZONE Album: Miscellaneous Baby I’ve been thinking of you Gotta picture in my mind They say I’m falling in love Makes you blind You opened up my eyes Brought our feelings deep inside No one believes in me like you do No one can ever take your place You’re like food… Leggi »