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Testo You Needesd Me – Boyzone

Testo della canzone You Needesd Me dei Boyzone Album: You needed me I cried a fear, you wiped it dry I was confused, you cleared my mind I sold my soul You bought it back for me And held me up and gave me dignity Somehow you needed me You gave me strength To stand alone again To… Leggi »

Testo Life Is A Rollercoaster – BOYZONE

Testo della canzone Life Is A Rollercoaster dei BOYZONE Album: Miscellaneous Hey baby you really got my tail in a spin Hey baby I dont even know where to begin But baby I got one thing I want you to know Wherever you go tell me cause I’m gonna go I found love, so don’t hide it Life… Leggi »

Testo Im Learning Part I – Boyzone

Testo della canzone Im Learning Part I dei Boyzone Album: Where We Belong I never meant to hurt you baby I didn’t wanna cause you any pain But you never knew how I felt now honey And you know you didn’t even know why So I wanna put my heart in it’s place And I wanna be the… Leggi »

Testo Give A Little – Boyzone

Testo della canzone Give A Little dei Boyzone Album: A Different Beat Give a little, take a little, pray a little Give a little, you know you’ve got to Take a little, just one more time Pray a little, to make it happen And I’d swear, I’d cross the road But you’d avoid me Please tell me, why?… Leggi »

Testo These Days – BOYZONE

Testo della canzone These Days dei BOYZONE Album: Miscellaneous [Brian:] These days I’ve been feeling lucky Looking all around me I see so many dreams that have come true Like me right next to you, like the angels pulling through These days have only just begun [Ronan:] Someone to come home to each and every night All of… Leggi »

Testo Its Time – Boyzone

Testo della canzone Its Time dei Boyzone Album: A Different Beat Here at home The thoughts racing through my crazy mind Trying to figure out If I’m loving you this one more time And when I got the mail It made me close the door just right behind On a trail of clothes Left lying here Thrown across… Leggi »

Testo Melting Pot Asian Version – Boyzone

Testo della canzone Melting Pot Asian Version dei Boyzone Album: Miscellaneous MELTING POT (ASIAN VERSION) Take a pinch of one man Wrap him up in suntan Add a touch of blue blood And a little bitty bit of whatever you choose Curly black and kinky Mix it with love and let’s see If you lump it altogether Well… Leggi »

Testo Paradise – Boyzone

Testo della canzone Paradise dei Boyzone Album: It’s not often that you find someone Who can fulfill all your dreams inside Like an angel from above She was the one for me, believe But it doesn’t wither like a flower in snow I always wanted you to know We’re going to build a bridge Between our hearts Going… Leggi »

Testo One Kiss At A Time – Boyzone

Testo della canzone One Kiss At A Time dei Boyzone Album: I woke up this morning With a brand new point of view Something has changed my world And girl that something is you I don’t know how to explain it But I knew right from the start This feelin’ inside, it can’t be denied And I’m gonna… Leggi »

Testo Price of Love – Boyzone

Testo della canzone Price of Love dei Boyzone Album: Miscellaneous Fumbling round now in the dark I hear the banging from my heart I’m getting so close to you Looking like I found the clue And am I sentimental crazy And is this what we want And that’s the price of love And do I have enough And… Leggi »