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Testo Give Me Your Love – Bryan Adams

Testo della canzone Give Me Your Love di Bryan Adams Album: Bryan Adamss I can fool myself for a night Goin’ on Like I don’t need you any more. That’s like walking in the dark. Tel me now That you’ll give me all your love. Oh, give me your love give me your love Or nothing at all… Leggi »

Testo Remembrance Day – Bryan Adams

Testo della canzone Remembrance Day di Bryan Adams Album: Into The Fire For our king and our country and the promise of glory We came from Kingston and Brighton to fight on the front line Just lads from the farms and boys from the cities Not meant to be soldiers we lay in the trenches We’d face the… Leggi »

Testo She Believes In Me – Bryan Adams

Testo della canzone She Believes In Me di Bryan Adams Album: i’m tossing and turning and i can’t get to sleep got something on my mind – i just can’t release then she whispers so softly – that she believes in me if i let her down – and tried to disguise it she always see through it… Leggi »

Testo Roxy Roller – Bryan Adams

Testo della canzone Roxy Roller di Bryan Adams Album: Sweeney Todd Moxy from the Roxy might turn some heads tonight Flashlight dream, peaches and cream delight Roxy Roller Fab up job she’s got bubble gum on her knees Down between the seats sometimes she’ll toss you her key Roxy Roller Daddy the commissioner took far more than his… Leggi »

Testo Je Reviendrai Vers Toi – Bryan Adams

Testo della canzone Je Reviendrai Vers Toi di Bryan Adams Album: J’entends le vent… J’entends la plaine Et comme un cri, la brise m’entrane Vers ma terre o brle… la flamme d’autrefois. Toujours… je reviendrai vers toi. Je sais, la route est longue, mais mme au bout du monde, Je te trouverai.., je reviendrai. Je suivrai la rivire,… Leggi »

Testo Young Lust – Bryan Adams

Testo della canzone Young Lust di Bryan Adams Album: Miscellaneous I am just a new boy Stranger in this town Where are all the good times? Who’s gonna show this stranger around? Oh I need a dirty woman Oh I need a dirty girl Will some woman in this desert land Make me feel like a real man?… Leggi »

Testo Cuts Like A Knife – Bryan Adams

Testo della canzone Cuts Like A Knife di Bryan Adams Album: Drivin’ home this evening I coulda sworn we had it all worked out You had this boy believin’ Way beyond the shadow of a doubt The I heard it on the street I heard you mighta found somebody new Well who is he baby – who is… Leggi »