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Testo Reasons – Bush

Testo della canzone Reasons dei Bush Album: Golden State watch the water feed the soil so the circle is complete see what you have become is the earth beneath my feet i’ll bring in the stains your alabaster feet what’s the space between what you want and what you need so you’ll never be lonely again never be… Leggi »

Testo Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos – Bush

Testo della canzone Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos dei Bush Album: Miscellaneous Public Enemy cover) I got a letter from the government The other day I opened and read it It said they were suckers They wanted me for their army or whatever Picture me given’ a damn – I said never Here is a land… Leggi »

Testo Come Down – Bush

Testo della canzone Come Down dei Bush Album: Miscellaneous love and hate get it wrong she cut me right back down to size sleep the day let it fade who was there to take your place no one knows never will mostly me but mostly you what do you say do you do when it all comes down… Leggi »

Testo Altered States – Bush

Testo della canzone Altered States dei Bush Album: The Science Of Things Living in a cage Washing in a birdbath Sinking in a fish bowl On a broken farm I try to never lie I really do I wonder if my friends Will get me through Conscious of the was as best we can 17 ways to kill… Leggi »

Testo Revolution Blues – Bush

Testo della canzone Revolution Blues dei Bush Album: Miscellaneous Neil Young cover) Well – we live in a trailer At the edge of town You never see us Cause we don’t come around We got twenty five rifles To keep the population down But we need you now That’s why i’m hangin round So you be good to… Leggi »

Testo The Cross – Bush

Testo della canzone The Cross dei Bush Album: Miscellaneous Prince cover) Black day – stormy night No love – no hope in sight Don’t cry – he is coming Don’t die without knowing the cross Ghettos to the left of us Flowers to the right There’ll be bread for all of us If we can just bear the… Leggi »

Testo The Disease Of Dancing Cats – Bush

Testo della canzone The Disease Of Dancing Cats dei Bush Album: The Science Of Things Infested, polluted. 80 tons of mercury dumped in a bay. Its bleeding, theres no proof, that’s no way to treat a good friend. Your whisky, talks louder. Than most things i’ve read you said. In situ, in place now. Sit back unwind and… Leggi »

Testo A Tendency To Start Fires – Bush

Testo della canzone A Tendency To Start Fires dei Bush Album: Razorblade Suitcase Strange zoo, strange blaze Douse my head in flames Coming through got to get some Happiness is a bad son Foreceps, kitchen tools Deconstruct your every move Feels better when your here Guillotine just got here Back bend, back break Please yourself to make it… Leggi »

Testo Everything Zen – Bush

Testo della canzone Everything Zen dei Bush Album: Sixteen Stone There must be something we can eat Maybe, find another lover Should I fly Los Angeles Find my a**hole brother Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow Dave’s on sale now We kissy kiss in the rear view We’re so bored You’re to blame Try to see it… Leggi »

Testo Oh Bondage Up Yours – Bush

Testo della canzone Oh Bondage Up Yours dei Bush Album: Miscellaneous X-ray Spex cover) Bind me tie me Chain me to the wall I wanna be a slave To you all Oh bondage up yours Oh bondage no more Oh bondage up yours Oh bondage no more Chain-store chain-smoke I consume you all Chain-gang chain-mail I don’t think… Leggi »