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Testo Carnival – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Carnival dei Cardigans Album: I will never know cause you will never show come on and love me now come on and love me now Carnival came by my town today bright lights from giant wheels fall on the alleyways and I’m here by my door waiting for you I will never know cause you… Leggi »

Testo After All … – Cardigans

Testo della canzone After All … dei Cardigans Album: Emmerdale after all you were perfectly right but I’m scaring close to insanity and on a night like this nothing stays the same nothing looks the same after all you were perfectly right though our relation just split me in two and on a night like this pieces fall… Leggi »

Testo HANGING.AROUND – Cardigans

Testo della canzone HANGING.AROUND dei Cardigans Album: i wonder what it’s like seeing through your eyes you’ve offered me to have a try but i was always late the filters that i use give me an excuse i take away what’s real i feel it and it blows my fuse i hang around for another round i’m hanging… Leggi »

Testo My Favorite Game – Cardigans

Testo della canzone My Favorite Game dei Cardigans Album: Miscellaneous I don’t know what you’re looking for You haven’t found it baby, thats for sure You rip me off, you spread me all around In the dust of a deartide? And this is no case of lust you see Its not a matter of you versus me Its… Leggi »

Testo Feathers And Down – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Feathers And Down dei Cardigans Album: Miscellaneous So you trying to do what they did Your friends that turn to liquid And got lost in the see And now youre drowning me With your talk of full eat clovers You turn to rocks and no man To be the ambient harm But its bruising your… Leggi »

Testo Rise and Shine – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Rise and Shine dei Cardigans Album: Emmerdale i want to be alone for a while i want earth to breathe to me i want the waves to grow loud i want the sun to bleed down to bleed down see the waves go down see the moon alone see the world unshown i raise my… Leggi »

Testo If There Is A Chance – Cardigans

Testo della canzone If There Is A Chance dei Cardigans Album: The music’s playin on, but somethings wrong, somethings gone. The majors turning blue, and so did you, so did you. I’m noticing the dirt, and it hurts that you left. You really had to go, so you say, so you say. Birds leave there nest, and they… Leggi »

Testo Pikebubbles – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Pikebubbles dei Cardigans Album: Miscellaneous My dad, the best dad that I’ve had don’t care about nothing he’s not even working he’s not only my dad the best friend that I’ve had don’t think he’s a mad dad His dad, is sleeping with boots on it makes me start wonder cause there is no thunder… Leggi »

Testo Hey! Get Out Of My Way – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Hey! Get Out Of My Way dei Cardigans Album: Life Listen baby thoughts has crossed my mind and it’s clear now you are not my kind oh! I’ve tried boy better ways to say what I feel now it seems you plan to stay but I won’t waste a day so I say… hey! get… Leggi »

Testo Sick & Tired – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Sick & Tired dei Cardigans Album: Emmerdale sick, tired and homeless with no one here to sing for tired of being weightless for all these looking good boys you can always say my attic has its charm you can always say you did no major harm you can always that summer had its charm and… Leggi »