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Testo Happy Meal – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Happy Meal dei Cardigans Album: arrange the books clean up the small table by the sofa arrange my clothes shape up the place eager for the meeting the dinner we’ll be eating, wine that we’ll be drinking and kinky thoughts I’m thinking, all because of you and now I’ve found a partner, no one can… Leggi »

Testo The Storm – Cardigans

Testo della canzone The Storm dei Cardigans Album: Oh its healing bang bang bang I can hear your canons call Youve been aiming at my land Your hungry hammers falling And if you want me, Im your country Im an angel bored like hell And youre a devil meaning well You steal my lines and you strike me… Leggi »

Testo Cloudy Sky – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Cloudy Sky dei Cardigans Album: Emmerdale i’d catch some stars for you and just for you i’d paint the grey sky blue and just for you so don’t tell me you want the rain from a cloudy sky to wash away the pain that i’ve given you again i’ve always tried to find what satisfies… Leggi »

Testo Tomorrow – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Tomorrow dei Cardigans Album: Life Someone’s thinking of her a fifteen hour trip away life is so much slower than a charter trip delay Tomorrow, she won’t feel half of this Tomorrow morning is a sugar kiss Tomorrow, heavenly no sorrow she will lose gravity Tomorrow… Someone’s thinking of the her trough the hazy scenery… Leggi »

Testo Erase Rewind – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Erase Rewind dei Cardigans Album: Gran Tourismo Hey, what did you hear me say you know the difference it makes what did you hear me say Yes, I said it’s fine before I don’t think so no more I said it’s fine before I’ve changed my mind I take it back Erase and rewind ‘cause… Leggi »

Testo In the Year – Cardigans

Testo della canzone In the Year dei Cardigans Album: winter came by my bedroom today falling in rows and covering the lane morning shone on my windows today passing the time I slumber away to kill all the day stumbling up at one and put the kettle on but wher’s the coffee gone in the afternoon I put… Leggi »

Testo War First Try – Cardigans

Testo della canzone War First Try dei Cardigans Album: Miscellaneous Cardigans—War (First Try) Oh, come crush me now Don’t leave no one has won this war this time No, don’t sleep tonight I’m hurt and ready for fire Don’t leave me up alarmed and ready to die chorus: Come on, it’s war, come on come on, come on,… Leggi »

Testo Never recoverHow I always memorize – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Never recoverHow I always memorize dei Cardigans Album: Miscellaneous every single misery and I seem to glorify everything inside of me and the hero never dies if the lover hides between the sheets there’ no escape cause you can’t sleep and then you’ll see your just like me… That’s what you called waste of time… Leggi »

Testo Hanging Around – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Hanging Around dei Cardigans Album: Gran Turismo I wonder what it’s like seeing through your eyes You’ve offered me to have a try but I was always late The filters that I use give me an excuse I take away what’s real I feel it and it blows my fuse I hang around for another… Leggi »

Testo Starter – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Starter dei Cardigans Album: Gran Turismo This is a start that I know I’ll believe in so I’m leavin’ everything behind Keeping the parts that I know I’ll be needing and I breed to be a better kind And I’m leavin’ everyone behind This is the age when my past should be gone but it’s… Leggi »