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Testo Marvel Hill – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Marvel Hill dei Cardigans Album: Gran Turismo Strange to be on Marvel Hill I’ve walked some years to find I know there is a piece to fill the gap I have in mind No nothing’s here I close my eyes it’s on the other side And what I’ve worked so hard to gain I’d gladly… Leggi »

Testo Your New Cuckoo – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Your New Cuckoo dei Cardigans Album: First Band On The Moon I saw you there I stopped and stared the curly girlie smiled You really were too close to her and people just went by I saw your face and her embrace your whisper in her ear I know the score ‘cause I’ve heard it… Leggi »

Testo And Then You Kissed Me – Cardigans

Testo della canzone And Then You Kissed Me dei Cardigans Album: Miscellaneous Man Ive had a few But they wouldnt quit blow me like you You gave me your name and sight With a halo around my eye And it hits me like never before That love is a powerful force Yes it struck me that love is… Leggi »

Testo Rise & Shine – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Rise & Shine dei Cardigans Album: Emmerdale I want to be alone for a while I want earth to breathe to me I want the waves to grow loud I want the sun to bleed down see the waves go down see the moon alone see the world unshown I raise my hesd and whisper… Leggi »

Testo Celiain side – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Celiain side dei Cardigans Album: Miscellaneous you don’t want the sun to shine in so you turn the curtains down your eyes still don’t show me a thing and you don’t feel it’s sunny outside you don’t want no joy for a while but you stay up late at night it hurts you that she’s… Leggi »

Testo Heartbreaker – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Heartbreaker dei Cardigans Album: First Band On The Moon No not again oh what a man just who I thought that I wanted to have Oh don’t do that don’t use that bat that’s all it takes to make me falling flat No not again a loser I am I love you tonight you are… Leggi »

Testo 03.45: No Sleep – Cardigans

Testo della canzone 03.45: No Sleep dei Cardigans Album: Miscellaneous It’s way too late to think of Someone I would call now And neon signs got tired Red eye flights help the stars out I’m safe in a corner Just hours before me I’m waking with the roaches The world has surrendered I’m dating ancient ghosts The ones… Leggi »

Testo Please Sister – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Please Sister dei Cardigans Album: Miscellaneous With a sampled heartbeat and a stolen soul I sold my songs to have my fortune told And it said You should know that love will never die But see how it kills you in the blink of an eye I know love is a hot white light It… Leggi »

Testo Fine – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Fine dei Cardigans Album: Life Upon a roof below the moon nearby a park-bench in the sun upon the stairway to your room Why won’t you wrap your life around those certain words I just found I wear your golden ring inside suits me very fine I wear your golden heart in mine suits me… Leggi »

Testo Iron Man (First Try) – Cardigans

Testo della canzone Iron Man (First Try) dei Cardigans Album: Has he lost his mind? can he see or is he blind? can he walk at all, or if he moves will he fall? Is he alive or dead? has he thoughts within his head? We’ll just pass him there why should we even care? Oh, Iron Man…… Leggi »