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Testo della canzone ALL I REALLY WANT TO DO di Cher Album: Now I ain’t lookin’ to compete with you Beat on, cheat on, mistreat you Simplify you, classify you Deny, defy, mystify you All I really want to do Is baby, be friends with you Baby, be friends with you Now I ain’t lookin’ to fight with… Leggi »

Testo More Than You Know – CHER

Testo della canzone More Than You Know di CHER Album: More than you know More than you know Man of my heart, I love you so Lately I find you on my mind More than you know Whether you’re right Whether you’re wrong Man of my heart I’m gonna string along I need you so More than you’ll… Leggi »

Testo Am I Blue – CHER

Testo della canzone Am I Blue di CHER Album: Am I blue, ah am I blue Ain’t these tears In these eyes telling you Am I blue You’ll be too I said if this plans with your man Done fell through Oh there was a time When I was, when I was he’s only one But look at… Leggi »

Testo You Better Sit Down Kids – CHER

Testo della canzone You Better Sit Down Kids di CHER Album: [Chorus:] Better sit down kids I’ll tell you why, kids You might not understand, kids But give it a try, kids Now how should I put this I’ve got something to say You mother is staying But I’m going away No, we’re not mad, kids It’s hard… Leggi »

Testo Shoppin – Cher

Testo della canzone Shoppin di Cher Album: Im shoppin gonna buy my blues away Shoppin Im walking up to the counter and say I want this sweater I sure feel better Shoppin gonna take my troubles to town Shoppin you dont need money down Charge it, wrap it send it Shoppin Ever since my mother took me to… Leggi »

Testo Perfection – Cher

Testo della canzone Perfection di Cher Album: Cher D. Child/D. Warren Hush little baby, gotta be strong ‘Cause in this world we are born to fight Be the best, prove them wrong A winner’s work is never done Reach the top, number one Perfection Oh, perfection You drive me crazy with perfection I’ve worn my pride as my… Leggi »

Testo You Dont Have To Say You Love Me – Cher

Testo della canzone You Dont Have To Say You Love Me di Cher Album: When I said I needed you You said you would always stay It wasnt me who changed but you And now youve gone away Dont you see that now youre gone And Im left here on my own That I have to follow you… Leggi »

Testo Taxi Taxi – CHER

Testo della canzone Taxi Taxi di CHER Album: All these streets are never ending Tie them in a knot Drive me through a red light waiting For everyone to stop Sing to me like Pavarotti Sing to me of Spain Take me to you operetta And make it rain [Chorus:] Taxi, taxi give me a ride I’m going… Leggi »

Testo After All
(feat. Peter Cetera) – CHER

Testo della canzone After All(feat. Peter Cetera) di CHER Album: Well here we are again I guess it must be fate We’ve tried it on our own But deep inside we’ve known We’d be back to set things straight I still remember when Your kiss was so brand new Every memory repeats Every step I take retreats Every… Leggi »

Testo Could Have Been You – Cher

Testo della canzone Could Have Been You di Cher Album: Well it must have been good,’cause you said it was love I guess that day you left me it wasn’t good enough Now you’re calling my number, say you wanna come back Oh baby, baby it’s too late for that ‘Cause when you see me There’ll be somebody… Leggi »