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Testo Destination – Church

Testo della canzone Destination dei Church Album: Starfish Our instruments have no way of measuring this feeling Can never cut below the floor, or penetrate the ceiling. In the space between our houses, some bones have been discovered, But our procession lurches on, as if we had recovered. Draconian winter unforetold. One solar day, suddenly you’re old. Your… Leggi »

Testo You Took – Church

Testo della canzone You Took dei Church Album: The Blurred Crusade You took a piece of my heart You took a piece of my heart And I don’t know why No I don’t know why It was clear in coming here I must have put the horse before the cart Before the cart You took the lead from… Leggi »

Testo Ripple – Church

Testo della canzone Ripple dei Church Album: Priest = Aura Tiny baby, so naive I can’t believe what you believe You were once so happy here It may not be Eden or summer in Greece You may not even find the Golden Fleece In the drag of this atmosphere Now I don’t want to bring up a delicate… Leggi »

Testo Authority – Church

Testo della canzone Authority dei Church Album: Sometime Anywhere She says it’s ok The rat just burned an end to ten men but Who’s gonna say It’s just not my day She’s got enough stuff to get me tough and She’s not gonna play The holiday is over The honeymoon is over The garden’s overgrown The trust is… Leggi »

Testo Glow Worm – Church

Testo della canzone Glow Worm dei Church Album: Artist(Band):The Church (Print the Lyrics) You’re so easy to love You’re so easy to adore You’re easy to want I always want more….. The way you talk It puts me in a dream Makes me feel like the cat who had the cream You’re so easy to love You’re easy… Leggi »

Testo Now I Wonder Why – Church

Testo della canzone Now I Wonder Why dei Church Album: Seance In a moment of triumph, I find defeat uncontrolled In the second of honor, a despair sharp and old She gives me a taste, please show me some etiquette I wasn’t looking for you and I don’t want to find you yet At an uncurtained window, in… Leggi »

Testo Constant In Opal – Church

Testo della canzone Constant In Opal dei Church Album: Remote Luxury Me and the puzzled travellers We searched the ground for wealth And scoured the dreaming valleys On days where shadows melt Digging for the blue and the green Constant in opal or ultramarine But you could only find yourself that way And dust was my companion And… Leggi »

Testo Spark – Church

Testo della canzone Spark dei Church Album: Starfish I’m saturated. I’m wet with your tears, you spill so easily. In reflection I’ll see you again. Approach me, soak me. Faith, faith, breathe. ‘Cause it’s here, it’s where the air is clear, Where far off things could be quite near. No repairs are needed, just a spark. I’m interested,… Leggi »

Testo City – Church

Testo della canzone City dei Church Album: Gold Afternoon Fix There, smoke turns into serpents in the air Beware, there’s no sanctuary anywhere On this very spot, a great city once stood It oozed with evil but it felt so good Well I don’t know Where did it go? And here, there’s lots of method in their madness… Leggi »

Testo The Myths You Made – Church

Testo della canzone The Myths You Made dei Church Album: When the failing light With the feeling’s gone (feeling’s gone) I’ll ask you twice tonight To make sure I’m wrong (sure I’m) Still you looked to fold in two behind the shade Are you lying there in wait Here’s all the love you lost The myths you made… Leggi »