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Testo Still Holding On – Clint Black

Testo della canzone Still Holding On di Clint Black Album: Miscellaneous There’s something out there left for you, but it’s not me We’ve reached a point of no return, it’s only right I set you free I know I’ll have to turn away, but there’s nowhere for my love to go And there won’t come a day when… Leggi »

Testo Been There – Clint Black

Testo della canzone Been There di Clint Black Album: Dc120lectrified Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night And wonder where you were You need the one and only that can hold you tight And you reach for her, but she’s not with you You just wish this trip would end You know i’ve been… Leggi »

Testo Nothing News – Clint Black

Testo della canzone Nothing News di Clint Black Album: Miscellaneous Spent My Lifetime Wishing Waitress Would Come ‘RoundF C G F* G*Telling Jokes Shootin’ Pool On The Other Side Of TownC GWhen The Wistle Blows At Five O’ClockAm EmThere’s Only One Place I’ll Be FoundF CDown At Ernie’s Ice House Lifting Long NecksF* G* CTo That Good ‘Ol… Leggi »

Testo The Shoes Youre Wearing – Clint Black

Testo della canzone The Shoes Youre Wearing di Clint Black Album: We’ve all seen enough wrong and right To know everything’s not black and white There’s always something in between No matter how long or well you live You don’t get anything you don’t give Still no slate is clean For better or worse anybody can Take a… Leggi »

Testo Thinkin Again – Clint Black

Testo della canzone Thinkin Again di Clint Black Album: The trouble I found could’ve never found me Chase my feelings around, my thoughts runnin’ free The heart catches things that the mind’s eye won’t see And I’m not nearly as blind as I thought I could be I used to think my way into some hard times I… Leggi »

Testo Untanglin My Mind – Clint Black

Testo della canzone Untanglin My Mind di Clint Black Album: I guess you’re glad to see I’m finally leaving I know things for you will change now for the good But it’s all that I can do to pack my suitcase And walk away from you the way I should And I can’t seem to find the voice… Leggi »

Testo Nothings News – Clint Black

Testo della canzone Nothings News di Clint Black Album: I spent my lifetime wishin’ the waitress would come around Tellin’ jokes and shootin’ pool on the other side of town When the whistle blows at five o’clock there’s only one place I’ll be found Down at Ernie’s icehouse liftin’ longnecks to that good old country sound And talkin’… Leggi »

Testo Burn One Down – Clint Black

Testo della canzone Burn One Down di Clint Black Album: Greatest Hits I guess you’re off to have your fun Another ending just begun And I know what I don’t see Really shouldn’t bother me So go and have yourself a ball You’ll be at no one’s beck and call And with that fire in your eyes Another… Leggi »