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Testo Schizophrenic Playboy – Cranberries

Testo della canzone Schizophrenic Playboy dei Cranberries Album: Roses (2012) When the reality dreams The beach sugar paned by your bitter sweet A melody pianist by your better married Musical the being human the playboys Selfish the framed the photographic gift Purple the foundation and operating ivy Idle the milking press bread Staring attachment the cares Palming the… Leggi »

Testo Chocolate Brown – Cranberries

Testo della canzone Chocolate Brown dei Cranberries Album: Wake Up And Smell The Coffee But I tried and I sighed he didn’t listen to me, I felt that way still I tried and I sighed he wouldn’t understand me, I felt that way but you’re so young and you don’t get me now I feel so guilty and… Leggi »

Testo Not Hollywood – Cranberries

Testo della canzone Not Hollywood dei Cranberries Album: Miscellaneous I’ve got a picture in my head, in my head. It’s me and you, we are in bed, we are in bed. You’ve always been there when I call, when I call. You’ve always been there most of all, all, all, all. This is not Hollywood, like I understood.… Leggi »