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Testo Analise – Cranberries

Testo della canzone Analise dei Cranberries Album: Wake Up And Smell The Coffee Close your eyes, close your eyes Breath the air, out there We are free, We can be Wide open For you I open my eyes To the beauty i see We we will pray, We we will stay Wide Open Don’t analyse Don’t analyse Don’t… Leggi »

Testo Ode To My Family – Cranberries

Testo della canzone Ode To My Family dei Cranberries Album: No Need To Argue Understand the things I say Don’t turn away from me Cause I spent half my life out there You wouldn’t disagree D’you see me, d’you see Do you like me. Do you like me standing there D’you notice, d’you know Do you see me,… Leggi »

Testo I Dont Need – Cranberries

Testo della canzone I Dont Need dei Cranberries Album: The world is consuming me and I don’t feel so happy here today I’m not and I don’t feel and I used to be a baby in my head So where is the one you love? Does she hold you happy next to her? And your head hangs lightly… Leggi »

Testo Twenty One – Cranberries

Testo della canzone Twenty One dei Cranberries Album: No Need To Argue I don’t think it’s going To happen anymore You took my thoughts from me Now I want nothing more And did you think you Could just take it all away I don’t think it’s happening This is what I say Leave me alone Cause I found… Leggi »

Testo Delilah – Cranberries

Testo della canzone Delilah dei Cranberries Album: Bury The Hatchet Shout shout shout delilah Shout shout shout at the top of your lungs Shout shout shout delilah Shout shout shout until the kingdom comes Stay away from me Just stay away from my house Stay away from me Stay away or I’ll sort you out Shout shout shout… Leggi »

Testo Them – Cranberries

Testo della canzone Them dei Cranberries Album: Miscellaneous Don’t listen to what they say, Make up your mind, walk away, Oh don’t even give them the time of day, They put you wrong, turn away. So why’d they all just walk away, There was something wrong, But you don’t want to say. Oh why did they listen to… Leggi »

Testo Dreams – Cranberries

Testo della canzone Dreams dei Cranberries Album: Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We Oh my life Is changing everyday In every possible way And Oh my dreams It’s never quiet as it seems Never quiet as it seems I know I’ve felt like this before But now I’m feeling it even more Because it came… Leggi »

Testo Do You Know – Cranberries

Testo della canzone Do You Know dei Cranberries Album: Miscellaneous i need you awhile My this was smile My this was smile I will be strong I will carry on And i’ll always hold on to my smile What would you say? Would you say that it’s sad for feeling this way? What would you do if you… Leggi »

Testo Shattered – Cranberries

Testo della canzone Shattered dei Cranberries Album: Bury The Hatchet I’m trying to control myself So please don’t stand in my way I’ve waited for the longest time This is what I wanted in my way Move over, move over There’s a climax coming in my way Move over, move over There’s a climax coming in my way… Leggi »

Testo You And Me – Cranberries

Testo della canzone You And Me dei Cranberries Album: Bury The Hatchet I’m not going out tonight ‘cos I don’t want to go I am staying at home tonight ‘cos I don’t want to know You revealed a world to me and I would never be Dwelling in such happiness your gift of purity Eh-ee-oh, eh-ee-oh, eh-ee-oh, eh-ee-oh… Leggi »