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Testo Checkmate – Cypress Hill

Testo della canzone Checkmate dei Cypress Hill Album: Iv (explicit) [sen dog] Bout to mash these niggaz man Don’t come in my backyard motherfucker Hahaha, b-real and the dog, motherfucker! Ha! yeah Here we go y’all, that’s the nigga head dog Lunatic smokin loops, loose in your sector Got my eye on em, on the apparatus Like a… Leggi »

Testo Memories – Cypress Hill

Testo della canzone Memories dei Cypress Hill Album: Stoned Raiders As I sit in my silver stack thinking about way back Even before I started blazing the chronic sack I was a go wild unfocused troublesome kid Looking up to all the gangsters and the shit they did I was at unimpressionable age through a faze An unmentionable… Leggi »