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Testo False Faces – Dan Fogelberg

Testo della canzone False Faces di Dan Fogelberg Album: Nether Lands Oil on canvas Couplets and stanzas To divine who you are Pencil portrayals and Jealous betrayals Get you further afar. False faces and Meaningless chases I travel alone First places and Calendar races I need a home. Hostile hotel walls Footfalls and phone calls And you’re on… Leggi »

Testo High Country Snows – Dan Fogelberg

Testo della canzone High Country Snows di Dan Fogelberg Album: High Country Snows There’s a place in the Rockies A place that I know Where the world cannot find me And the time goes so slow. In the piney wood forest There’s a flower that grows Through the long months of winter And the high country snows. To… Leggi »

Testo Nether Lands – Dan Fogelberg

Testo della canzone Nether Lands di Dan Fogelberg Album: Netherlands High on this mountain The clouds down below I’m feeling so strong and alive From this rocky perch I’ll continue to search For the wind And the snow And the sky I want a lover I want some friends And i want to live in the sun And… Leggi »

Testo To The Morning – Dan Fogelberg

Testo della canzone To The Morning di Dan Fogelberg Album: Home Free Watching the sun Watching it come Watching it come up over the rooftops. Cloudy and warm Maybe a storm You can never quite tell From the morning. Chorus And it’s going to be a day There is really no way to say no To the morning.… Leggi »

Testo Stolen Moments – Dan Fogelberg

Testo della canzone Stolen Moments di Dan Fogelberg Album: The Innocent Age Disk 2 of 2) Every time we speak Our words betray intentions Insincere inventions That never quite reach the heart So we turn the other cheek And gather our defenses Again, rebuild the fences That just been keeping us apart. Waiting out the worst We keep… Leggi »

Testo The Last Nail – Dan Fogelberg

Testo della canzone The Last Nail di Dan Fogelberg Album: Captured Angel I saw you running Ahead of the crowd I chased but never thought I’d catch you. You said you loved me But you had to be free And I let you. Why did I let you? We walked together Through the gardens and graves I watched… Leggi »

Testo Since You Asked – Dan Fogelberg

Testo della canzone Since You Asked di Dan Fogelberg Album: What I’ll give you since you asked Is all my time together Take the ragged sunny days The warm and rocky weather Take the roads that I have walked along Looking for tomorrows time Peace of mind As your life fills into mine Changing with the season Filling… Leggi »

Testo Give Me Some Time – Dan Fogelberg

Testo della canzone Give Me Some Time di Dan Fogelberg Album: Nether Lands Slow down Girl, what’s the hurry? Love can wait if you’re worried Then I’ll try to ease your mind You say we’re losing time But I’ve got to find A way to convince you. I’ve got cause to be wary For so long I’ve had… Leggi »

Testo Better Change – Dan Fogelberg

Testo della canzone Better Change di Dan Fogelberg Album: Souvenirs I can see you in the distance And you’re heading for a fall Sinking deeper by the minute You’re about to lose it all… You better change Before the sun goes down You better leave Before you are the last in town. You better raise Your fortresses or… Leggi »