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Testo Sweet Thing Reprise – David Bowie

Testo della canzone Sweet Thing Reprise di David Bowie Album: Diamond Dogs If you want it, boys, get it here thing ‘Cause hole, boys, is a cheap thing, cheap thing Is it nice in your snow storm, freezing your brain? Do you think that your face looks the same? Then let it be, its all I ever wanted… Leggi »

Testo Under Pressure – David Bowie

Testo della canzone Under Pressure di David Bowie Album: Miscellaneous pressure pushing down on me pressing down on you no man ask for under pressure—that burns a building down splits a family in two puts people on streets it’s the terror of knowing what this world is about watching some good friends screaming ‘let me out’ pray tomorrow—gets… Leggi »

Testo Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette) – David Bowie

Testo della canzone Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette) di David Bowie Album: Outside Test, testing, testing This, hmmm, Grace is my name And and I was…hm… It was that phot… a fading photograph of A patch, a patchwork quilt. And they’ve put me on these Ramona put me on these interest drugs So I’m thinking bit too fast… Leggi »

Testo Ching-A-Ling – David Bowie

Testo della canzone Ching-A-Ling di David Bowie Album: Whilst flying thru an azure cloud A crystal girl I’d spy She kissed the blue bird’s honey tongue And stuttered as she sighed I wish to sing the ching-a-ling song Ching-a-ling song is fine I’d give my jewels and caviar To make the daydeam mine While stepping thru a heaven’s… Leggi »

Testo "Heroes" (English) – David Bowie

Testo della canzone "Heroes" (English) di David Bowie Album: Miscellaneous I, I will be king And you, you will be queen Though nothing will drive them awaqy We can beat them, just for one day We can be Heroes, just for one day And you, you can be mean And I, I’ll drink all the time ‘Cause we’re… Leggi »

Testo Silly Boy Blue – David Bowie

Testo della canzone Silly Boy Blue di David Bowie Album: David Bowie Mountains of lhasa are feeling the rain People are walking the botella lanes Preacher takes the school One boy breaks a rule Silly boy blue, blue Silly boy blue Yak butter statues that melt in the sun Cannot dissolve all the work you’ve not done A… Leggi »

Testo Song For Bob Dylan – David Bowie

Testo della canzone Song For Bob Dylan di David Bowie Album: Hunky Dory Oh, hear this robert zimmerman I wrote a song for you About a strange young man called dylan With a voice like sand and glue Some words of truthful vengeance They could pin us to the floor Brought a few more people on And put… Leggi »

Testo Thursdays Child – David Bowie

Testo della canzone Thursdays Child di David Bowie Album: All of my life I’ve tried so hard Doing my best with what I had Nothing much happened all the same Something about me stood apart A whisper of hope that seemed to fail Maybe I’m born right out of my time Breaking my life in two (Throw me… Leggi »

Testo Bombers – David Bowie

Testo della canzone Bombers di David Bowie Album: Bonus Tracks Chorus} All clear wail the sirens Sunshine on the waste-land Old man sitting in the white sand Think we’re in for a big surprise, right between the ey..es Seemed a good idea to drop a bomb on the waste-land, yeah Only one man could be seen, and he… Leggi »