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Testo Anthonys Diddy – Deftones

Testo della canzone Anthonys Diddy dei Deftones Album: well fuck this world i new you first fuck the place where we metn and all the love we lost lost for good now peace is fucked loose i want to be but bot am looser than her Tutte le canzoni dei Deftones

Testo Deathblow – DEFTONES

Testo della canzone Deathblow dei DEFTONES Album: Miscellaneous Soon as you came in, all the beast went away They noticed that you’re warm, wait till you leave then come back for more… The ropes hang to keep us all awake and I should have known As soon as you came in, the agony went away I noticed what… Leggi »

Testo Lifter – Deftones

Testo della canzone Lifter dei Deftones Album: Adrenaline Watch me with your eyes Been giving God a pedophile I want to be just like you Then I’d be cool Maybe not but We left our eyes Big surprise Kiss me goodbye whore Without you being here I’ll be giving fear A bit more I wish I could feel… Leggi »

Testo Cant Even Breathe – Deftones

Testo della canzone Cant Even Breathe dei Deftones Album: i can’t breathe and arrive wiv style i’m still a sucker feeding it pills wiv wine, it’s tricky how i’m pushin u bk but still u ain’t gone pushing u bk but still u ain’t gone pushing u bk but still u ain’t gone it makes sum sense look… Leggi »

Testo Crenshaw – Deftones

Testo della canzone Crenshaw dei Deftones Album: Miscellaneous Remember that one time I bit you on the arm? I was just afraid of solitude and being alone… I want to be at your house right now, make you stand by the sink, I swear to keep awake… I can show you things like fire and more… Remember the… Leggi »

Testo Like Linus – Deftones

Testo della canzone Like Linus dei Deftones Album: Oh, when I think now It’s so unreal What did I just imagine Was I awake was I asleep god Please tell me if it was a dream now Do you know? That I’ve been through all this one time before I forget cuz’, I’ve been drinking, Too much god… Leggi »

Testo The Sweetest Perfection – Deftones

Testo della canzone The Sweetest Perfection dei Deftones Album: Miscellaneous To call my own The slightest correction Couldn’t finely hone The sweetest infection Of body and mind Sweetest injection Of any kind I stop and i stare too much Afraid that i care too much And i hardly dare to touch For fear that the spell may be… Leggi »

Testo I Want Milk – Deftones

Testo della canzone I Want Milk dei Deftones Album: I woke up cant wait to eat Got my cereal boy was I beat Opened up my fridge and to my dismay There was no more milk my mother will pay I want some milk! My coffee grows cold! I want some milk! I should’ve been told! I wish… Leggi »

Testo Some People – Deftones

Testo della canzone Some People dei Deftones Album: Miscellaneous (verse1) "some people think that they can get behind your back and they Can say whatever they wanna, But you see i can’t let em get away whether because it’s wrong Or no i’m not gonna You can sit and lie in your bed, you can think and think… Leggi »