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Testo Preparen el Camino – Delirious

Testo della canzone Preparen el Camino dei Delirious Album: Preparen el Camino Puedes escuchar los mares Y sentir el gran temblor Cuando el pueblo del Mesas Le proclama su Seor Puedes escuchar la gente Y sentir el gran temblor Cuando el que pide auxillo Le proclama el Salvador O Santo vemos que te mueves Como un ri por… Leggi »

Testo There Is A Light – Delirious

Testo della canzone There Is A Light dei Delirious Album: There Is A Light There is a light, That shines in the darkness. (Repeat) His name is Jesus. His name is Jesus. (Repeat) Taken From: Albums: Touch (US) Note: ‘There Is A Light’ is also included as track 15 ‘Spontaneous Section Part 8’ on the Live Tutte le… Leggi »

Testo Grande Es El Seor – Delirious

Testo della canzone Grande Es El Seor dei Delirious Album: Grande Es El Seor Como podr agradecer Tu salvacin Tu Eres todo en mi Te alabar Como podr agradecer Tu gran perdn No pusiste condicin Me amaste como soy Grande Es El Seor Grande Es El Seor Libres somos hoy por Tu verdad Y s que crees en… Leggi »

Testo Cantaria Sin Parar – Delirious

Testo della canzone Cantaria Sin Parar dei Delirious Album: Cantaria Sin Parar Cantaria sin parar Por lo que hiciste en mi Danzara siempre Dios Por Tu gran amor Arde mi corazn Para poder decir Que me has salvado Borraste mi pasado Seor quiero gritar As a todo lugar Si Tu estas por m Quien contra m Written by… Leggi »

Testo Griten al Norte – Delirious

Testo della canzone Griten al Norte dei Delirious Album: Griten al Norte Canten los hombres de fe Del glorioso y gran Rey Cuando dbil fuerte El es Y El se perfecciona en Ti Griten al norte y al sur Canten al este y oeste Cristo es el Salvador Del clelo y la tierra es Seor Las mujeres de… Leggi »

Testo When The Music Fades – Delirious

Testo della canzone When The Music Fades dei Delirious Album: When the music fades All is stripped away And I simply come Longing just to bring Something that’s of worth That will bless Your heart I bring you more than a song For a song in itself Is not what you have required You search much deeper within… Leggi »

Testo My Glorious – Delirious

Testo della canzone My Glorious dei Delirious Album: My Glorious The world’s shaking with the love of God Great and glorious, let the whole earth sing And all you ever do is change the old for new People we believe that God is bigger than the air I breathe The world we’ll leave God will save the day… Leggi »

Testo History – Delirious

Testo della canzone History dei Delirious Album: Various songs Unsorted is it true today that when people pray cloudless skies will break kings and queens will shake yes it’s true and I believe it I’m living for you is it true today that when people pray we’ll see dead men rise and the blind set free yes it’s… Leggi »

Testo Message Of The Cross – Delirious

Testo della canzone Message Of The Cross dei Delirious Album: Message Of The Cross This is the message of the cross, that we can be free, To live in the victory, and turn from our sin, My precious Lord Jesus, with sinners you died, For there you revealed your love and you laid down your life. This is… Leggi »

Testo Every Little Thing – Delirious

Testo della canzone Every Little Thing dei Delirious Album: Every Little Thing Everything must change Theres a mirror showing me the ugly truth These bones they ache with holy fire But Ive got nothing to give, just a life to live If your world is without colour I will carry you, if you carry me Every little things… Leggi »