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Testo Blockhead – Devo

Testo della canzone Blockhead dei Devo Album: Duty Now For The Future never leaves a gap unfilled always pays on time always fits the bill he comes well prepared cube top squared off eight corners 90-degree angles flat top stares straight ahead stock parts blockhead never tips over stands up on his own he is a blockhead thinking… Leggi »

Testo Bamboo Bimbo – Devo

Testo della canzone Bamboo Bimbo dei Devo Album: Devo Live-the Mongoloid Years Well he caught his first whiff in the jungles Of’nam That slant-eyed catfish tasted better than mom Now every single night she drops her big bomb Cause he’s a bamb00 bimbo Those hook marks really show Cause he’s a bamboo bimb0 He went for it now… Leggi »