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Testo Are You Experienced – Devo

Testo della canzone Are You Experienced dei Devo Album: Shout if you could just get your mind together then come along with me hold hands and watch the sunrise from the bottom of the sea but first are you experienced? well have you ever been experienced? well i have i have i know i know you’ll probably scream… Leggi »

Testo Fountain Of Filth – Devo

Testo della canzone Fountain Of Filth dei Devo Album: Hardcore Vol 2 There it was Just like old faithful The eternal fountain of filthi I took a walk straight out of town But then i stopped and took my time for pleasure I was alone, i looked around I heard a voice 50 i buckled for safety And… Leggi »

Testo Disco Dancer – Devo

Testo della canzone Disco Dancer dei Devo Album: Total Devo i’m a disco dancer but i’ve got no place to go (i’m a disco boy i’m a disco boy) i’m a disco dancer baby but my feet won’t touch the floor (i’m a disco boy i’m a disco boy) oh no i’ve been sleeping twenty years or more… Leggi »

Testo Blockhead – Devo

Testo della canzone Blockhead dei Devo Album: Duty Now For The Future never leaves a gap unfilled always pays on time always fits the bill he comes well prepared cube top squared off eight corners 90-degree angles flat top stares straight ahead stock parts blockhead never tips over stands up on his own he is a blockhead thinking… Leggi »

Testo Praying Hands – Devo

Testo della canzone Praying Hands dei Devo Album: Are We Not Men you got your left hand you got your right hand the left hand’s diddling while the right hand goes to work you got both hands you got praying hands they pray for no man o.k….relax… assume the position go into doggie submission Tutte le canzoni dei… Leggi »

Testo Super Cop – Devo

Testo della canzone Super Cop dei Devo Album: Miscellaneous Super cop (12 times) I was born to serve justice But i don’t sermonize Good is good Bad is bad And i never compromise They lock me in a rocket Made of flesh and bone I’ll meet you in the war zone With my fists of stone I’m a… Leggi »

Testo Speed Racer – Devo

Testo della canzone Speed Racer dei Devo Album: Oh No Its Devo i’m speed racer and i drive real fast he’s speed racer and he drives real fast i drive real fast i’m gonna last i’m a big pirate and i like to steal he’s a big pirate and he likes to steal i like to steal and… Leggi »

Testo Bamboo Bimbo – Devo

Testo della canzone Bamboo Bimbo dei Devo Album: Devo Live-the Mongoloid Years Well he caught his first whiff in the jungles Of’nam That slant-eyed catfish tasted better than mom Now every single night she drops her big bomb Cause he’s a bamb00 bimbo Those hook marks really show Cause he’s a bamboo bimb0 He went for it now… Leggi »

Testo A Change Is Gonna Cum – Devo

Testo della canzone A Change Is Gonna Cum dei Devo Album: Smooth Noodle Maps ice starts meltin’ 33 degrees (a change is gonna cum) little girl thinkin’ ‘bout the birds and bees (a change is gonna cum) man grows up goes down on his knees (a change is gonna cum) here it comes! every new beginning is a… Leggi »