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Testo When you believe – Disney

Testo della canzone When you believe della Disney Album: Prince of egypt Many nights we prayed with no prove anyone could hear In our hearts a hopefull song We barely understood Now we are not afraid although we know thare’s much to fear we were moving mountains long before we know we could There can be miracles when… Leggi »

Testo Be Prepared – Disney

Testo della canzone Be Prepared della Disney Album: The Lion King Original Motion Picture Soundtrack I know that your powers of retention Are as wet as a warthog’s backside But thick as you are, pay attention My words are a matter of pride It’s clear from your vacant expression The lights are not all on upstairs But we’re… Leggi »

Testo Promise – Disney

Testo della canzone Promise della Disney Album: Every evening Brings an ending Every day becomes a legacy Every sunset Leads to morning With the promise of opportunity We can reach for the stars we find along the way Dreaming as we learn to love everyday Promise You will take my hand As tomorrow comes We’ll go on We’ll… Leggi »

Testo Part Of Your World – Disney

Testo della canzone Part Of Your World della Disney Album: The Little Mermaid Look at this stuff isn’t it neat? wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete? wouldn’t you think I’m the girl the girl who has everything? look at this trove treasures untold how many wonders can one cavern hold? looking around here you’d think sure, she’s got… Leggi »

Testo Sound Of Forever – Disney

Testo della canzone Sound Of Forever della Disney Album: I think it’s fine watchin it all go by Stop and worry if you’ll know when The things they start and ask you why and when it stops, you’ll find a need for an end The good times roll so let them go now stand back and watch them… Leggi »

Testo Down To The Sea – Disney

Testo della canzone Down To The Sea della Disney Album: The Little Mermaid II – Down to the Sea Ariel: You are my world my darling what a wonderful world I see You are the song Im singing Your my beautiful Melody.. Eric: Darling, We better be going Ariel: Look at her isnt she glowing? Eric: She looks… Leggi »

Testo Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – Disney

Testo della canzone Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious della Disney Album: because I was afraid to speak When I was just a lad, Me father gave me nose a tweak And told me I was bad. Then on day I learned a word To save me aching nose. The biggest word you’ve ever heard And this is how it goes. OOOO! Chorus:… Leggi »

Testo Kus Haar Dan – Disney

Testo della canzone Kus Haar Dan della Disney Album: Miscellaneous Slagwerk, strijkers, blazers…woorden… Daar zit ze dan, Vind je haar niet een juweel. Zeggen doet ze niet erg veel, Maar ze heeft iets bijzonders. Ja je raakt verward want je hart klopt zo hard omdat je haar kussen wilt. Ja dat is waar, geef het nou maar eerlijk… Leggi »

Testo Dig It – Disney

Testo della canzone Dig It della Disney Album: you’ve got to go and dig those holes (man, i’m tired) with broken hands and withered souls emancipated for all you know, you’ve got to go and dig those holes dig it up oh oh dig it dig it up oh oh dig it up oh oh dig it dig… Leggi »

Testo Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride – Disney

Testo della canzone Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride della Disney Album: Aloha e aloha e ‘Ano ‘ai ke aloha e Aloha ae aloha e A nu ay ki aloha e Theres no place Id rather be Then on my surfboard out at sea Lingering in the ocean blue And If I had one wish come true Id surf till… Leggi »