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Testo All Through The Night – Donna Summer

Testo della canzone All Through The Night di Donna Summer Album: Bad Girls You know, boy you’re so busy reaching for a dream that doesn’t even exist you can’t even see someone who’s standing right here who loves you so much And I’ve tried Oh I’ve tried But I want you to still know this that all you… Leggi »

Testo My Life – Donna Summer

Testo della canzone My Life di Donna Summer Album: Ordinary Girl When I was young, I used to dream of going far, Having my once, in a life time chance, to prove I was a star. A thousand times you stood in the wings, dreaming it was me, I heard the people going wild, but it was just… Leggi »

Testo Grand Illusion – Donna Summer

Testo della canzone Grand Illusion di Donna Summer Album: The Wanderer Oh grand illusion, like to fade away Take me and go out and play, oh yeah It’s no intrusion, it’s like a rainy day That can wash the clouds away of this pain inside Harmony, we need harmony Find the melody that puts our hearts in tune… Leggi »

Testo Lush Life – Donna Summer

Testo della canzone Lush Life di Donna Summer Album: Donna Summer I used to visit all the very gay places, those come what may places Where one relaxes on the axis of the wheel of life, To get the feel of life, from jazz and cocktails All the men I knew had sad and sullen gray faces, with… Leggi »

Testo Happy Ever After – Donna Summer

Testo della canzone Happy Ever After di Donna Summer Album: Once Upon A Time Happily ever after look at me, right where I wanna be my life took a turn, it’s a happy affair I’m never alone even when he’s not there Happily ever after so carefree, look what’s come over me all my prayers have been answered… Leggi »

Testo Mystery Of Love – Donna Summer

Testo della canzone Mystery Of Love di Donna Summer Album: Donna Summer 1982 Seasons are changing children of love are alive people reach out to survive together love is the message we carry across the sky down through the passage of time forever History unfolds as this story’s told Chorus: (And it’s) the mystery of love how we… Leggi »

Testo Mac Arthur Park – Donna Summer

Testo della canzone Mac Arthur Park di Donna Summer Album: Live And More Spring was never waiting for us till It ran one step ahead As we followed in the dance. Between the parted pages We were pressed, In love’s hot, fevered iron Like a striped pair of pants. Mac arthur’s park is melting in the dark All… Leggi »