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Testo Circus Of Sour – Donovan

Testo della canzone Circus Of Sour di Donovan Album: Fairytale Circus of Sour, Holds shows every hour, The lion is eating the bars, hey the bars. I was erected, The poor man is expected To climb to the stars Balanced just on one knee. Look out your window and see, Look out your window and see. The clown… Leggi »

Testo Get Thy Bearings – Donovan

Testo della canzone Get Thy Bearings di Donovan Album: The Hurdy Gurdy Man Get your bearings, know your time. Don’t you worry, weather’s fine. All the world knows what I’m saying, All the world knows what I’m saying, The world knows fine well. Get together, work it out, Simplicity is what it’s about. All the world knows what… Leggi »

Testo The Clear Browed One – Donovan

Testo della canzone The Clear Browed One di Donovan Album: Sutras The clear-browed one approaching o’er the water soft the silver hues of purple inward gazing where the ripple on the lake The clear-browed one The clear-browed one The pure clear girl awaiting in the chamber sad the longing patient waiting Trusting fully hard the jeering in the… Leggi »