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Testo Half Moon Bay – Donovan

Testo della canzone Half Moon Bay di Donovan Album: Love Is Only Feeling I’m going to Half Moon Bay love, going right away, To write there on the sand, where the words they cannot stay. Living in the city in a delusionary way, writing on the wind, Where the words they cannot say what I want them to… Leggi »

Testo Stealing – Donovan

Testo della canzone Stealing di Donovan Album: Put your arms around me Like a circle ‘round the sun I want you love me mama Like my easy rider done You don’t believe I love ya Look what a fool I’ve been You don’t believe I’m sinking Look what a hole I’m in I’m stealin’, I’m stealin’ Pretty mama… Leggi »

Testo Ballad Of A Crystal Man – Donovan

Testo della canzone Ballad Of A Crystal Man di Donovan Album: Fairytale Walk along and talk along and live your lives quite freely But leave our children with their toys of peppermint and candy. For seagull I don’t want your wings, I don’t want your freedom in a lie. Your thoughts they are of harlequin, your speeches of… Leggi »

Testo Wild Witch Lady – Donovan

Testo della canzone Wild Witch Lady di Donovan Album: Cosmic Wheels She’s a wild witch lady She’s a voodoo child She’s got poison lipstick She drive King Kong wild She eat boys for breakfast She’s a goblin girl She suck up all your insides Make your finger nails curl Whoa! Yeah! Sweet young thing She’s a sleazy miss… Leggi »

Testo A Sunny Day – Donovan

Testo della canzone A Sunny Day di Donovan Album: The Hurdy Gurdy Man Sunny day while away the afternoon Cutting nettles that are hiding petals pink >From the river drink. Bluebells, wood dells where dwells a squirrel Who slinks along branched patterns heightens call of coaltit small Hover over river. Diving, writhing, gnattring chiff chaff chattering Woodpecker staggering… Leggi »

Testo Wear Your Love Like Heaven – Donovan

Testo della canzone Wear Your Love Like Heaven di Donovan Album: Miscellaneous Wear Your Love Like Heaven (Donovon P. Leitch) Color and sky brush and blue Scarlet fleece changes you Crimson ball sinks from view CHORUS Wear your love like heaven Wear your love like heaven Wear your love like heaven Lord kiss me once more Fill me… Leggi »

Testo Lady Of The Stars – Donovan

Testo della canzone Lady Of The Stars di Donovan Album: Donovan She walks through the stars Past Saturn and Mars Who knows how she feels With the moon on her heel She glides through the night In Swirling soft flight Owls hoot and stare As the wind lifts her hair She’s my lady of the Stars She’s my… Leggi »

Testo Black Widow – Donovan

Testo della canzone Black Widow di Donovan Album: Slow Down World Kiss me sweet lover And linger long in ecstasy. Mingle our fluids, Flirt let me flame thee. Come into my parlour, Come sit but a droplet Of my secret rain. ‘Cause I’m the black widow, woe, I’m the black widow, woe, And I eat my love And… Leggi »