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Testo Long Way Home – DORO PESCH

Testo della canzone Long Way Home di DORO PESCH Album: Father Give me just a sign That I’ll survive how can I stay alive When guns shoot fire People I can feel the hate behind their eyes Insanity rules my life Got no tomorrow It’s such a long long way from home And in my heart I can’t… Leggi »

Testo Fight – DORO PESCH

Testo della canzone Fight di DORO PESCH Album: Miscellaneous Never a day going by that Im not afraid And I sleep in the dark with one eye awake Im often left without a thing cause I cant fake it at all I seek the truth, withstand the pain And I know what I feel [Chorus] When I feel… Leggi »

Testo Fall For Me Again – DORO PESCH

Testo della canzone Fall For Me Again di DORO PESCH Album: All our friends been acting strange Sunshine smiles – even when it rains And they pretend that they don’t see The trouble with you and me But they know you’re about to leave And even you have played a part Of someone who is still true at… Leggi »

Testo Even Angels Cry – DORO PESCH

Testo della canzone Even Angels Cry di DORO PESCH Album: I felt so blue – the sky was so grey It was pouring down – I went walking anyway A ragged old man came right up to me He said: I’m half blind – but there’s things I see And things I believe – He said: Even angels… Leggi »

Testo Broken – DORO PESCH

Testo della canzone Broken di DORO PESCH Album: Somebody please say a prayer for me tonight I’m feelin’ lost and there’s no hope in sight Tryin’ to hold on.. to the vision So hard.. when you’re down I’d trade an ounce of hard-earned wisdom.. just to get out! You’ll never know, till you’ve been broken With the weight… Leggi »