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Testo Mirage – DORO PESCH

Testo della canzone Mirage di DORO PESCH Album: Ohohohohoh Ohohohohoh Every time I see your face I see the light Every time I call your name I know it ain’t right I’m on the run again Don’t know if I could ever make you see Maybe I feel no pain But I need you to keep me company… Leggi »

Testo Hellbound – DORO PESCH

Testo della canzone Hellbound di DORO PESCH Album: Starlight Now it’s the time Now I will try To realise my desire To strike back Tonight I’m prepared for this time To kill demons of crime I will fight Fight for my right For many years I’ve been under a curse I swear…I’ve been under a spell The time… Leggi »

Testo Love Me Forever – DORO PESCH

Testo della canzone Love Me Forever di DORO PESCH Album: Miscellaneous Love me forever, or not at all, End of our tether, backs to the wall, Give me your hand, don’t you ever ask why, Promise me nothing, live ‘til we die, Everything changes, it all stays the same, Everyone guilty, no one to blame, Every way out,… Leggi »

Testo Evil – DORO PESCH

Testo della canzone Evil di DORO PESCH Album: Blood on every corner Sex and crime for all The people are too blind to see The writing on the wall They cannot see, they cannot feel They cannot understand The Evil one will change the world Into his promised land The demon’s heat, the evil creep Creatures of hell… Leggi »

Testo Wild Heart – DORO PESCH

Testo della canzone Wild Heart di DORO PESCH Album: Miscellaneous You call me a wayward child Meant to be free, born to be wild Thats the way its been till now Who do you see before you now A friend, a lover, an angel or witch Who you call your love, if you wish If I was lyin… Leggi »

Testo East Meets West (live) – Doro Pesch

Testo della canzone East Meets West (live) di Doro Pesch Album: Killing time Watching signs I’m waitin’ See on the other side of town I’ve seen the walls come tumblin’ down So I’ve come here to make you shake So get up get up, get up get up Oh come on, come on, come on why don’t you… Leggi »

Testo Angels With Dirty Faces – DORO PESCH

Testo della canzone Angels With Dirty Faces di DORO PESCH Album: See my soul as desire Catch the words as they fall from my lips Feel the passion grow higher Lick the sweat from my fingertips Be my love Beware my love is strange Be my love Beware the time can change See my scars heat the hunter… Leggi »

Testo Unholy Love – DORO PESCH

Testo della canzone Unholy Love di DORO PESCH Album: You make it so easy When you’re making it rough You won’t make no promises But you can’t get enough I feel like I’m standing In the headlight beam You come on like thunder I know what this means It’s unholy love Oh can’t you see This unholy love… Leggi »

Testo ALL NIGHT – Doro Pesch

Testo della canzone ALL NIGHT di Doro Pesch Album: Your evil eyes Are cold as ice Your face is so wild Just like the beak of an eagle…that cries I feel the danger I can’t break loose Oh my heart is on fire Every flame is called: you Can you feel Can you feel my love? You’re gonna… Leggi »

Testo FIGHT FOR ROCK – Doro Pesch

Testo della canzone FIGHT FOR ROCK di Doro Pesch Album: Every book on the shelf Every teacher in school Every man in the street Has another golden rule East and the West Politician liars Last S.O.S. They set the world on fire Hear the message Don’t touch my music We’re ready to fight Fight for rock Fighting for… Leggi »